Industrial Floor Coatings

Almost every facility in Southern Illinois has an area where the floor needs to put up with extreme abrasion, high impact and heavy loads. Appropriate industrial floor coatings protect the concrete surface from cracking and deteriorating under these conditions.

Your concrete surface is a vital part of the structure of your industrial facility in Herrin. It is the foundation of your entire work space. It also represents a huge amount of your investment.

Installing an inferior floor coating for an industrial facility places your concrete surface, your facility and your investment at risk. Regular concrete flooring systems will not be able to withstand severe impact and abrasion, as well as heavy loads.

Without the right epoxy floor coating, concrete surfaces in industrial environments will eventually deteriorate and necessitate costly and time consuming repairs. This is so because to repair concrete floors, they will need to be removed and re-applied.

Having one of our epoxy industrial floor coatings you give your industrial floor the strength and durability it needs to withstand heavy use and extreme pressure. This floor coating will also ensure that the concrete surface is protected.

This way you do not need to worry that the integrity of the concrete surface will be compromised.


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Deciding on a flooring system for your industrial facility requires a lot of consideration. There are lots of things to consider, for instance, do your floors need to be approved for food and beverage? Are their VOC concerns? Are their drainage Concerns? Will their be grease spills or heavy machinery?

The different issues can range from can range from scratches and abrasion from heavy machines and equipment to contact with corrosive and harsh chemicals, grease and oil in a commercial kitchen.

Southern Illinois Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings

Industrial workplaces such as assembly plants, distribution facilities, manufacturing plants and commercial kitchens often have sliding carts, forklifts as well as heavy tools, machines and equipment.

Industrial workplaces also need to have floors that have the proper traction as falls and slips in these settings are common and place a worker at risk of having a serious injury.

Under those circumstances, there is a need for industrial floor coatings that are durable, and long-lasting so you can continue work successfully, safely, and efficiently.

Investing in top-quality industrial floor coatings guarantees a polished and neat look for your workplace. It also guarantees a safe workplace for your workers.

When it comes to protecting your industrial floor, Southern Illinois Epoxy has you covered. Moreover, epoxy industrial floor coatings provide floors that are:


An epoxy industrial floor coating is resistant to wear and tear from harsh contaminants, high foot traffic as well as heavy machines and equipment. These elements can lead to the degradation and cracks of your floors


Epoxy industrial floor coating has a long lifespan therefore will be able to save you thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement costs.


Epoxy industrial floor coating was designed for safety. It is resistant to impact and abrasion. More importantly it is slip resistant. Epoxy industrial floor coating can even be resistant top fire. This will benefit the integrity of your facility but more importantly the safety of your workers.

Low Maintenance

Being easy to clean and maintain is one benefit of an epoxy floor coating most appreciated by industrial facilities. This floor coating results into a smooth surface that cleans easily wipe a simple wipe or with just warm water and soap together with non-abrasive cleaning tools.

Aesthetically Appealing

Epoxy floor coatings come in a wide range of colors. Its high gloss finish and brightness can motivate workers to be more productive.

Why Choose Us

Southern Illinois Epoxy is one of the leading contractors of floor coatings in Southern Illinois.

We offer a wide range of epoxy floor coatings suitable for any type of industrial work place. After inspecting your facility, we will recommend the right floor application to give you the best results.

Our expert and well-experienced epoxy industrial floor coatings installers work nights, weekends and even holidays to minimize down time. We can also work around your schedule so you can keep on working while we also do our work.

Our comprehensive approach to the requirements of your industrial flooring will assure your satisfaction. We boast of the work we do. We are proud of every work we do. Moreover, we can offer a guarantee for every work we do.

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