Concrete Resurfacing Contractors

Concrete resurfacing is a fast and cost-efficient method of repairing and updating your damaged concrete surfaces. Professional concrete resurfacing contractors determines the best way to move forward and restore your space to its former glory.

Nature has a way of subverting our best plans. When your driveway, sidewalk, or patio starts cracking, or plants grow through gaps, it’s time to give your spaces a facelift.

Traditionally, that means ripping it out and pouring it fresh. But that’s not always the most efficient solution, and it can be overkill.

Your home’s resale value can be affected drastically by the curb appeal of the house. One of the fastest ways to enhance any home’s curb appeal is to make sure your surfaces are flawless.


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Concrete Resurfacing of Patios

Another space that can receive significant improvement through concrete resurfacing is your patio. Whether that means texture or stamped concrete, or the decking around your pool, it deserves the best restoration out there.

The process of resurfacing your concrete involves:

  1. clearing detritus from any cracked or chipped sections of your concrete slab
  2. assessing the level of damage
  3. if the overall condition is good, filling in the cracks with concrete
  4. working on the surface repairs.

If the slab is brittle and continues to crumble, your best option may be a concrete overlay or a combination of techniques to restore the concrete.

Why Hire Concrete Resurfacing Contractors?

  • Your concrete contractor will be the best person to determine the level of damage, and they will know the best route to take for repairs. We restore the integrity of the concrete before we move on to resurfacing it to ensure the repairs will last.
  • Resurfacing your driveway and walkways are surefire ways to bring the look up to par. Our goal remains to find a solution that works for you and keeps you satisfied with your choice for years.
  • Part of the restoration process may involve coming up with a fresh new look for your space. That could include stamping to create the look of brick or stone pavers. Or it may involve staining beautiful designs into the base.

Concrete Resurfacing Contractors Near Me

Another restoration option that may come into play is the variety of available epoxy techniques. They create durable and long-lasting surfaces for inside spaces like garages and basements.

Concrete resurfacing is also appropriate for garages, utility rooms, laundry rooms, mudrooms, warehouse floors, and other industrial establishments. Restoration is the perfect time to decide on a few other improvements to increase the longevity of your current surfaces.

Call Southern Illinois Epoxy today to discuss your flooring with one of our contractors to figure out the most beneficial option. We will be able to share examples of the options available and schedule a consultation in your space.