Pool Deck Resurfacing

If you have been thinking about getting a new pool deck, Southern Illinois Epoxy has proven resurfacing and coating systems to give your pool the look you want. Resurfacing a pool deck doesn’t have to be a long drawn out experience. As pool deck professional contractors, we have industrial concrete grinding machines and the tear out skills needed to quickly resurface your pool deck without having to uproot your life. 

Sometimes, not resurfacing your pool deck can cause unforceen damange like slip and fall accidents or cuts because the deck doesn’t have the right coating. We have been installing pool decks around Southern Illinois for a long time and know the right materials to stand up to the elements.  

New Pool Deck and Pool Deck Repair

Repairing a pool deck has to be done right, regardless of it being a residential pool or commercial swimming pool:

  1. Audit the existing pool deck
  2. Prepare the Pool decks Surface through grinding
  3. Remove Surface Layers
  4. Prime the concrete surface
  5. Apply colored pigments if necessary
  6. Apply the coating of choice
  7. Apply Another Coat
  8. Seal the coating
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The First Step to Pool Deck Resurfacing

Understanding the existing surface. If we are able to repair the existing surface to the point where we are comfortable with the integrity of the concrete, we can make this a quick job. The next step is to decide on the style and design of the pool deck that you are looking for. 

Prepping the Pool decks Surface

To prepare the pool deck for a media blast, we remove all ladders, lights, and drain covers. We take the proper safety precautions to ensure the safety of your home and our crew.

Remove Surface Layers

To remove the exterior layers on the pool decks surface, the existing surface will require a media blast and potentially a grinding with diamond blades. The blast consists of sand or crushed glass that will remove the surface layers of the pool deck from the pressurized abrasion. This is especially useful if their is paint that is peeling on the pool deck. Concrete is water-resistant rather than waterproof. With age, concrete becomes more porous — and even less water-resistant.  Like a sponge, water can absorb into the concrete structure during its later stages. 

It is common for pool decks to crack and become dangerous or even slippery after many years if the surface is coated appropriately.  That’s why we do the job right the first time and it’s beneficial to refinish your pool decks surface with element resistant coatings regardless of how bad it is right now.

Pool Deck Repair Near Me

We offer multiple styles for pool decks. The decision is really based on what you are looking for both from an aesthetic and durability standpoint. Our goal is to make you be able to enjoy your beautiful new pool deck for years into the future.

Pool Deck Resurfacing Southern Illinois