Best Decorative Concrete Contractors

Decorative concrete is a budget-friendly way to add to your home’s resale value through creative landscaping. The fantastic thing about cement is that we can manipulate it. We copy the appearance of expensive materials without breaking budgets.

Your walkway, pool deck, driveway, entryway, or courtyard don’t need to be bland and uninspiring. Decorative concrete can fill these spaces with rich, beautifully textured stone or tile-like surfaces.

Indoor spaces can use this technique as well. Bathrooms and kitchens can end up with decorative concrete to look like expensive stone tile or wood.

A skilled concrete contractor can pour concrete in a way that mimics travertine, cobblestone, decorative pavers, and more. Combined with staining and polishing techniques, only you will know that you didn’t drop a small fortune on beautiful patios.

What is Decorative Concrete?

Decorative concrete is popular in high-wear areas that standard materials might not be able to handle, like walkways and patios. Indoors, mudrooms, laundry rooms, utility rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens are great places to try decorative concrete for faux hardwood or tile.

This flooring solution is a great option to combine with radiant floor heating. Concrete naturally has excellent thermal mass properties. Meaning it can hold and maintain heat for longer than traditional tile floors.

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Imagine a sidewalk that is warm long after the summer sun has set. This heat maintenance property is the same in decorative concrete, providing less energy loss when used as indoor flooring.

The cement used in decorative concrete can be stained, or have pigment mixed in to create deep and vibrant colors to mimic the materials they are meant to imitate. The techniques used for this create longevity of color and effect unseen in other material alternatives.

Decorative Concrete Installation

A skilled concrete contractor can craft a surface nearly indistinguishable from the mimicked material. In addition, these processes protect your spaces from flood damage because of the waterproof properties of the treated concrete.

Decorative concrete combined with polishing or staining creates a waterproof surface, reducing the growth of mold and dust buildup. That fact makes this a healthier solution for your space than carpet or traditional wood flooring.

If you have a concrete slab that needs a facelift, stamped concrete may be your best option. Concrete overlays and stamped concrete imitate brick and other decorative paving solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Patios and landscape walkways are a great place to use this technique as well. It maintains a natural and beautiful aesthetic while promoting low maintenance, durability, and longevity.

Decorative Concrete Near Me

While every home could benefit from decorative concrete, you want a trained professional contractor for your best results. Otherwise, you may find that simple mistakes create expensive messes, and you have to begin the installation process all over again.

Southern Illinois Epoxy has highly trained decorative concrete contractors ready to help you create the indoor or outdoor entertainment spaces of your dreams. Our experienced professionals are on hand to answer questions, show you examples, and schedule a consultation for your home.