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Best Epoxy and Polished Concrete Resurfacing Company In Southern Illinois

As a business owner or homeowner in Southern Illinois, you usually try and hire a local company whenever you can. In this case, we have made it our mission to deliver nationally renown floors locally to Southern Illinois, at a competitive price. Jared Jones, President and CEO of Southern Illinois Epoxy brings 15 years of coatings experience to every epoxy or concrete polishing project. We work hard everyday to exceed the status quo in epoxy floor installation. We’re a family-owned company serving the Southern Illinois and St Louis community, and we’re on a mission to become your residential and commercial flooring repair and installation expert. If you need to refresh your garage floor, need a decorative solution for your basement, or you’re considering a commercial epoxy coating installation in your business building, we have the flooring solution to fit your needs.
At Southern Illinois Epoxy, we have been lucky enough to be recognized as the industries go to provider for epoxy flooring, polished concrete and all protective floor coatings for commercial, industrial and residential applications. We are an insured epoxy flooring and polished concrete contractors. We take pride in delivering the best epoxy flooring, stained and polished concrete flooring product that Southern Illinois has to offer.

When you choose Southern Illinois Epoxy as your preferred epoxy flooring company, it means you are getting a company that is going to do the job right, the first time. Don’t fall victim to having an amatuer install your floor! Our experienced installation team can quickly provide your house or commercial business with unique flooring materials that last and look great for years.

What Is Epoxy’

Epoxy flooring is a liquid coating that adheres to concrete after the surface has been properly prepared via diamond grinding or shot blasting. The epoxy bonds to the concrete after the grinding/shot blasting, which makes it porous and profiles it to accept the epoxy coating. We have provided this high qualify, durable flooring solutions to industries all over Southern Illinois. Some of the industries we work in include food and beverage, manufacturing, education, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, technology, healthcare, retail stores, transportation, public safety (fire departments and government centers) nail salon floors, barbershop floors, warehouses and many more. We also do residential properties and garages.

Whether your concerns remain centered around a safer, healthier kitchen, or for a new garage epoxy floor, just call us. See why we continue to be the trusted name in epoxy contractor services and save on your new home upgrades today.

Best Polished Concrete Contractor

Whether you prefer to see concrete, epoxy, or our other advanced flooring solutions, we guarantee the best installation results possible. Wherever you need long-lasting floors that enjoy vibrant colors, patterns, and textures, we always set your home up for success.

Our expert team of contractors has the skills you need for fresh new flooring that can’t get seen anywhere else. No two applications ever appear quite the same way, giving you the customizability you can’t find with traditional building materials.

No matter what room in your home, inside and out, that you need to upgrade, our team remains the best choice. Contact us today for any of our reliable flooring options, and make the most of your house’s living spaces with the following:

  • Garage Floor Coating

  • Epoxy Floor Coating

  • Metallic Epoxy Floors

  • Polished Concrete

  • Stained Concrete

  • Decorative Concrete

  • And more epoxy flooring and concrete solutions.

It takes skill to achieve the perfect installation on every job, but you can still count on us for results. See why more homeowners turn to us when they need to see superior epoxy flooring and polished concrete systems today.

The Best Epoxy Company Near Me

While you may have heard that some people have installed epoxy flooring alone, it only makes sense to hire professionals. That way, you can know you have saved more on new floors without the hassle of fixing simple mistakes.

Whether you are searching for epoxy systems, concrete coatings, or polished cement floors, our contractors handle them all for less. You never need to fear an installation that costs more than it should, and we always get better results daily.

You no longer need to settle for old, outdated flooring materials that don’t suit your preferences without spending more money. When traditional carpets, tile and grout, or hardwood floors aren’t the right choice, Southern Illinois Epoxy is here for you.

What Are Our Service Areas?

Southern Illinois Epoxy is based out of Murphysboro but can service all of Southern Illinois, Saint Louis and more depending on the project. Our project managers are very well trained and are happy to come out and quote your project. We have completed projects in all Carbondale, IL

Marion, IL Cape Giradeau, MO Jackson, MO Paducah, KY Sikeston, MO Mt. Vernon, IL Belleville, IL Columbia, IL Waterloo, IL O’Fallon, IL. For more information our service areas, click here.

Our Services

The following are our most common services for epoxy flooring in Southern Illinois Epoxy

Garage Floor Epoxy

Those searching for a straightforward way to give epoxy floors a chance often begin by upgrading their garage’s concrete surfaces. By installing a high-quality resin over the existing concrete slab, we can keep garages more comfortable, easier to maintain, with a slip-resistant finish.

You will feel an instant improvement in the level of ambient heat and humidity, as well as protection against stains. Automotive fluids, harsh toxic chemicals, and mechanical oils will no longer stick, stain, and damage your surface again with epoxy.

Having an epoxy garage floor can add a lot of value to your home along with utility so you won’t have to worry about grease stains or skid marks from your car. When selling a house, realtors understand that someone with an epoxy floor takes pride in their home and thus sometimes it can even dictate a higher price upon sale of the house. We’ve seen it before!

Even if you were to paint your garage floors, or use protective sealers, they only last a few short years. When you install an epoxy coating, however, you can enjoy superior daily defense for years with little to no maintenance. If your existing garage floors aren’t doing enough, start protecting them better today.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Some people feel impressed by epoxy flooring systems, but they still don’t know if it’s the right choice for them. There are many different types of epoxy floor coatings. Here are some of the choices:

  • Metallic Floor Coating- great for high traffic retail shops. This is a 3 or 4 part system at a minimum and can be higher in price.
  • Self dispersing features good mechanical strength; many times used in warehouses.
  • Self dispersing with quartz sand added sand flakes create an anti-slip surface. Good for commercial kitchens
  • Self-leveling creates a smooth surface where cracks, crevices, and shifting are present.
  • Mortar creates an even stronger heavy industry surface.
  • Flaked slightly textured surface with decorative flakes. This is part of our 3 part garage floor system.

If you are not sure which type of epoxy floor coating system is going to be a fit for you, we have more information and pictures on our epoxy floor coatings page. You can also pick up the phone and give us a call. We do custom quotes and will make sure to fit your needs.

Metallic Epoxy Floors

Many homeowners worry that by having epoxy floors put into their home, it will make their house appear too industrial. Ironically, the systems that work the best for many commercial buildings are the ones that look the best every day.

Your new metallic epoxy floors provide a beautiful swirled effect that immediately grabs guests attention and won’t let it go. Wherever you have it installed, these floors look perfect inside any room, even bedrooms, play spaces, and your kitchen.

The process takes pigmentation flakes that appear much like glitter, only they catch and bend the light when you look. The effect mimics that of a lava lamp, and it can get achieved using any number of colors and additives.

From elegant metal floors to cosmic cloudy surfaces, we can provide any surface you need.

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Polished Concrete

While epoxy flooring continues to grow in popularity, some homeowners simply prefer the appearance and feel of polished concrete systems. By stripping your existing surfaces down to the concrete slab and sanding it down, we can leave it smoothed out.

The results are shimmering floors that use very little product, and instead, the technique speaks for itself. Depending on your exact preferences, we can leave your polished floors rougher for a matte finish, or high glass-like buffing.

Either way, you will enjoy floors that remain stain and impact resistant, and most maintenance involves using a dry mop daily. Best of all, the surfaces stay at ground temperature, helping to reduce your home’s monthly cooling costs throughout the year.

Polished concrete looks excellent in any room when you hire experienced installers.

Stained Concrete

Polished concrete can utilize different dye pigments, but even then, it isn’t always the finished appearance you expect to see. Stained concrete, on the other hand, uses specialty products that etch into the cement for permanent customized colors and patterns.

Stained cement floors take installation another step further for even more customizable features than what is already available to you. We can mimic other building materials, such as faux wood, tile, and laminate, or create something unique specifically for you.

No matter what you had hoped to see from your new stained concrete floors, our team still guarantees better results. Why turn to anyone else when you already know that our contractors have the expertise you need for perfect installations

Set your place apart from the rest with your new stained concrete surfaces today.

Decorative Concrete

Who knew your dull gray concrete areas could become something more vibrant, decorative, and lovely when applied virtually anywhere When you have decorative concrete surfaces put in place, they can act as upgraded outdoor walkways or interior flooring options.

Much like with stained concrete, your new decorative system can copy the appearance of other building materials, adding more value. Your usual sidewalks, driveways, and poured patios can mimic tiles, stone, travertine, and a variety of other upgraded surface types.

Many homeowners fear that the deep, dark coloration will soon fade, but these floors stay resistant to damage and scratching. And you can feel better about your purchase choice as decorative concrete is a highly environmentally-friendly solution to select.

Why settle for standard cement again when we provide a better option Contact us now for your best concrete surfaces.