Pool Leak Repair Illinois

The moment that you find a leak in your swimming pool can be a horrendous experience. And the issue is, leaks can occur even if your pool is well maintained. At Southern Illinois Epoxy, we address the root cause of different types of leaks so that your family can enjoy the pool once again.

Sometimes, the signs of a leaking pool are not obvious. If there is standing water near the pool or equipment pad, that is a sure sign there is something wrong. Here are more subtle signs of a leaking swimming pool: 

The pool loses more than ¼” of water a day, abnormal water consumption, algae growth, water discoloration, inconsistent or abnormal chemical levels, loose tiles, cracked cement, strange gurgling sounds, water corrosion around pumps, and soggy soil.

Leakage can be caused by mechanical issues, structural damage, plumbing issues, or normal wear and tear. We address the root cause and refinish the pool to ensure that the leak is thoroughly repaired.

It is critical to act fast upon noticing the leak as it can seep into the ground and damage the surrounding property. Additionally, if the leak is left unrepaired it can cause more damage to the pool, and even increase the cost of utilities and the repair itself.  A leak can waste almost 1,000 gallons a day, you can only imagine that kind of water bill.

Pool Leak Repair

Repairing a pool leak is a thorough job:

  1. Drain Pool
  2. Prepare the Pool’s Surface
  3. Remove Surface Layers
  4. Prime the Pool
  5. Address the Leaks
  6. Apply Another Coat
  7. Apply Polyaspartic Topcoat


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Drain the Pool

The first step is to drain the pool. Draining the water has to be done to locate the leaks, repair them, and refinish the surface of the swimming pool.  

To drain the pool, we will first shut off the filter and use the drain valve or drain plug depending on the type of pool that your family has.  

Prepping the Pool’s Surface

To prepare the pool for a media blast, we remove all ladders, lights, and drain covers. We take the proper safety precautions to ensure the safety of your home and our crew.

Remove Surface Layers

To remove the exterior layers on the swimming pool’s surface, the pool will require a media blast. The blast consists of sand or crushed glass that will remove the surface layers of the pool from the pressurized abrasion. This is especially useful if the paint is peeling on the pool and is a necessary step in repairing a leak. Concrete is water-resistant rather than waterproof. With age, concrete becomes more porous — and even less water-resistant.  Like a sponge, water can absorb into the concrete structure during its later stages. 

It is common for the source of leaks to occur from the worn-down surface.  This is why it is beneficial to refinish your pool’s surface with elastomeric coatings regardless if there is a leak present.

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Pool Priming

After the debris from the media blasting is removed and the new surface is bare, smooth, and clean, the primer is applied.  The primer is a liquid rubber polyurethane which is an elastomeric coating that makes any surface durable and waterproof. Unlike concrete, this material provides a waterproof finish to your pool.  

Polyurethane can bond exposed abrasions fixing links, act as a preventative for future pool leaks, and improve the longevity and durability of your pool due to its waterproof features.  It is also commonly coated on decks to improve the life of them. This coat drys between 2 and 3 hours, and fully cures in 24 hours. A fixed leak, a more sturdy pool, and a more beautiful backyard will be yours in just 1 short day.

Leak Repair

Once a coat of liquid rubber polyurethane is laid down, the leak sources are addressed with rubber-based repair material. The material acts as a sealant that closes and dries leaks.  

Rubberized leak repair deeply penetrates the imperfection at its core and adheres to a broad range of surfaces.  No matter where the leak is located or the composition of the material at the base of the leak, the rubber will provide strength and protection.  Using rubber ensures the durability and longevity of the repair and overall improvement of your swimming pool.  

The waterproof seal from the rubber material even prevents your pool from rust, corrosion, and exacerbated leaks. The elastomeric coatings reinforce the rubber in fixing the leak for good.

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Swimming pool repair

Additional Coats

After the leaks are waterproofed with the rubber material, more coats of liquid rubber polyurethane are applied.  More coats are necessary to provide additional security and sealant to the leaks. The additional coats also act as a barrier between the rubber material used to repair the leaks and the water from the swimming pool.

More coats also provide a better foundation and structure for the surface of your swimming pool.  The test of time is the best way to test the durability and strength of this procedure, which historically lasts up to 10 years.

Finish With The Top Coat

To finish the job off, we apply a polyaspartic topcoat. This coat is shiner and provides a better color payoff compared to the composition of the previous coats. It also cures quicker and can withstand harsh weather conditions just as well, if not better than the polyurethane.  

Also, the topcoat is compatible with chlorine and saltwater pools. This step is the final touch in repairing and transforming your family’s swimming pool.

Why Resurfacing is the Most Effective Form of Leak Repair

Resurfacing your pool is the most thorough way to address leaks.  Especially if the source of the leaks is deeply entrenched cracks, resurfacing is a permanent fix.  Temporary fixes like pool putty, pool patches, and vinyl pool skimmers only cover up the leak rather than addressing the problem at the source.  

Although the permanent solution of pool resurfacing is more expensive up front, it may be cheaper in the long-run when compared to the water bills and cost of fixing the intensified issue and cause of the leak due to the temporary repair.  Costs tend to rack up quickly with temporary solutions.

Benefits of Fixing Pool Leaks

First and foremost, we provide a thorough leak repair that ensures the cause and root of the leak is taken care of.  There are both practical and aesthetic benefits to resurfacing your pool in the light of leaks. In addressing the leaks, you also have the ability to update your family’s swimming pool.  Whether the color of the pool is dingy, you are bored of the color after 10 years, the tile is worn, or you simply want an update, we can provide that for you during the pool leak repair service.  Who wouldn’t want to kill 2 birds with 1 stone?

With various colors and textures in the coatings, tile, or other aggregate, you can transform your pool into a truly personalized and updated entertainment space and an entirely changed backyard.

If you notice that cracked cement or other surface issues are the cause of your pool’s leak, then Southern Illinois Epoxy is the repairman for you.  With over 15 years of experience in professional coating, we are well seasoned in how to get the best result.

We can undertake any project or leak and transform it into a simple, straightforward, and stress-free project.  Your budget is our priority and your quality will not be compromised. Contact us today!