Stained Concrete Flooring Options

If you are looking for a unique flooring system for your outdoor surfaces in Collinsville, your search is over! You can use stains to give color to existing or even new concrete that will last for many long years. There are a wide range of stained concrete styles to choose from.

Stained concrete continues to grow in popularity in Jackson County, Southern Illinois. This flooring option is valued for their durability, versatility and eco-friendly nature. Stained concrete floors are showing up in more rooms in the home instead of just being limited to outdoor surfaces.

Stained Concrete Flooring

The mere mention of stained concrete to Harrisburg, Murphysboro, Carbondale, Marion and Southern Illinois homeowners and businessmen bring to the imagination shiny and smooth brown or gray surfaces. That is just one of the many stained concrete styles available. Stained concrete though does not have to be smooth and glossy. Neither does it have to be in one monotonous color.

Stained concrete comes with many attributes. This flooring option is resistant to moisture, chemical spills, dust mites and other allergens. It is also resistance to scratching, fading and staining when properly sealed.

In certain applications, stained concrete floors can be energy efficient. This flooring solution can transfer heat and work well with radiant heat flooring systems.

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If you have a passive solar home, stained concrete floors can absorb sunlight during daytime and release the heat to your home at night.

Stains offer one of the best ways to add color to indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces. It produces an organic look consisting of a warm and diverse color effects. Stains are known to come in earth colors but today the stained concrete palette has expanded to include more colors.

Acid Stains

Acid stains provide depth and natural color to concrete surfaces. Acid stain hues include earthy tones including browns, tans, soft blue-greens and terra cottas. Homeowners find the transparent and diverse finish acid stains impart.

Water-based Stains

Water-based stains come in a broad range of hues including white, black, orange or yellow.

The unique colors achieved by both acid-based and water-based stains depend upon the condition of the concrete surface. We at Southern Illinois Epoxy usually apply a small amount of the stain in a small surface so you can see the effect of your color choice. .

Stained Concrete Styles

Stained concrete can be pretty much in any look you want to achieve. Whether what you want is a polished and smooth and polished marble look, a textured wood-grained look, or a brick-like finish.

Stained concrete styles can mimic all those finishes and even more. You can even create your own designs and patterns and we can re-create them in your floors with stained concrete. In short, stained and stamp concrete can re-create the look of stone, brick and other textured surfaces.

In short stained concrete can display the indistinguishable look from the real stones at a much cheaper price. This is so because stained concrete can be painted, stamped, scored, stenciled and patterned to offer a wide variety of design options. From a distance stained concrete can really look like these premium flooring materials.

Stains can be applied to existing or new concrete. When stains are going to be applied to new concrete we allow the surface to cure for at least 28 days.

If you are happy with the result we then go ahead and apply the stain. If you want some other color, you are not limited to the color palette of the manufacturer. ?We can come blend stains to come up with custom blends to come up with the exact shade you want

Why Choose Us?

The experts at Southern Illinois Epoxy display their artistry by using a palette of different textures, patterns and finishes to level up the impact of stained concrete styles.

Patterns applied by trowels can build swirled dimensions. Saw cuts can creates a lot of geometric shapes in the same manner as scored lines found in newly poured concrete. Matte and burnished finishes can achieve a rustic and old-world appeal.

Cracks in the existing concrete surface can even add character and pattern to a stained concrete finish. This is as long as the concrete surface is structurally sound.

Areas We Service

We apply Stained Concrete coatings in Harrisburg, Murphysboro, Carbondale, Marion and Jackson County, IL all the way to St Louis MO.

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