Commercial Kitchen Floors

Commercial Kitchen Floors undergo a lot of daily beatings. For this reason you will need to find a flooring system that is durable, stain resistant, resistant to oil and grease and moisture resistant as well. Above all these, the floors need to be sanitary and hygienic to comply with the building code and local health requirements.

Commercial Kitchen Floors

Constant spills, steady flow of water, high temperatures, heavy industrial cooking tools and equipment as well as employees always on a rush are what you would usually see in a commercial kitchen. Under these circumstances your commercial kitchen will need a high performing flooring system.

Commercial kitchen floors in Alton should be able to withstand everything you throw on it without getting damaged. The flooring system should also be easy to clean and should also be approved by the USDA for use in food service facilities.

Commercial Kitchen Floors Epoxy

Despite the extremely harsh daily punishment commercial kitchen floors get they need to be always clean and hygienic. Commercial kitchens are one of the most highly regulated industrial environments. The flooring of commercial kitchens is regularly inspected by health inspectors in Effingham.

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With the proliferation of food borne illnesses, the need to keep commercial kitchens clean, hygienic and in good sanitary condition has become extremely important.

Southern Illinois Epoxy is one of the best epoxy contractors in Southern Illinois. We install epoxy commercial kitchen floors that deal with the extreme conditions in this setting. Our epoxy floor coating meets the needs of your commercial kitchens.

Hygienic, Sanitary and Antimicrobial

It should be the top priority of every commercial kitchen to be USDA and FDA compliant. This should not only be to satisfy health inspectors but more importantly to comply with food safety standards for the benefit of customers and workers. 

In this regard, epoxy commercial kitchen floors are perfect because they are seamless thus liquids and food particles do not get stuck on them inviting the proliferation of microbes.

Once substances get embedded into or under the floor surface, it can be difficult to get rid of hidden molds and germs as well as the unpleasant odor.

Our epoxy coating for commercial kitchen floors are seamless there is no place for microbes to hide and thrive.

The antimicrobial additive we use is vital to our epoxy floor coating. The protection it gives goes deep down the concrete surface so there is no way for yeast, virus, bacteria and other microbes to thrive.

Slip Resistant

Splatters and spillage of cooking oil, water and other liquids are common in commercial kitchens making the kitchen staff prone to slips and falls. Our epoxy coating for commercial kitchen floors is customized to include anti-slip and anti-skid properties.

Abrasion and Impact Resistant

Granular ingredients such as salt, sugar, spices, and whole grain flour are abrasive in nature and can cause abrasion under foot or equipment traffic. Dishes, knives, pots and pans as well as other kitchen tools can gall on the floor.

All these can cause damage to commercial kitchen floors. Epoxy floor coatings are durable, strong and high performing thus able to withstand these conditions without damaging the floor.

Resistant to Thermal Shock

Commercial kitchen floors should be able to survive abrupt changes in temperatures between the cold walk-in freezers and intense heat of all the cooking equipment, dishwashing equipment as well as steam and/or hot sprays.

Epoxy commercial kitchen floors will not react to extreme temperature changes. It will therefore not expand and contract to create loose or moving areas which can serve as hiding places of microbes. This is so because epoxy floor coating is resistant to thermal shock.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Cleaning and maintaining commercial kitchen floors can get to be difficult and challenging. Being resistant to chemicals, epoxy coating is easy to clean by simply wiping off spills or a thorough cleaning with warm water and soap.

Epoxy commercial kitchen floors can deal with all these without causing damage to the floor.

Chemical Resistant

Commercial kitchen floors must be able to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures. Fryers, ovens and broilers can spill extremely hot oil and grease on the floor. Hot boiling water can spill on the floor.

Why Choose Us

Southern Illinois Epoxy is one of the leading contractors of epoxy commercial kitchen floors in Southern Illinois. Our crew of highly trained and well-experienced epoxy installers cam do a good job in keeping your floors, safe, hygienic, sanitary and lasting for long years.

Our epoxy installers are licensed, insured and bonded to guarantee that we will start and finished the job on time.

We are proud of all our epoxy commercial kitchen floors. The proof is, we offer a guarantee for all our projects.

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