Epoxy Flooring Services in Cape Girardeau MO

For many, the community of Cape Girardeau, MO, remains an interesting place to live with historical sites and modern entertainment. As a result, many households and commercial spaces can appear old and worn out, especially with traditional floors like carpet.

Many area homeowners and business owners search for cost-effective ways to enhance their interior spaces that don’t require constant maintenance. Now, more than ever before, epoxy flooring services and polished concrete systems have taken center stage among more area residents.

For over ten years of creating beautiful and long-lasting floors, Southern Illinois Epoxy’s remains your trusted epoxy flooring contractor company. We provide a range of different options that leave any home, office, or other building looking its best for years.

Cape Girardeau Epoxy Flooring Contractors

Epoxy Flooring Services in Cape Girardeau Mo use a resin-based building product that pours on as a liquid before cementing into a solid surface. Because the installation relies on a chemical reaction to take place, these floors won’t return to their original states again.

Unlike traditional flooring options that need a subfloor installed first, epoxy floors go directly onto your existing concrete slab. Or, if you prefer polished concrete, we use your foundation as the base and create glossy surfaces with sanding.

From updated interior flooring systems to outdoor decorative concrete surfaces, we can assist you with it all at lower costs. See why Cape Girardeau residents and business owners still turn to us when they need to save on quality floors.


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Garage Floor Epoxy

Garage floor epoxy preserves your home’s concrete foundation slab. Keep your garages looking great with impact and stain resistant floors that add tons of value.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Any interior space that has access to the concrete foundation can enjoy epoxy floor coatings. We can apply any designs you need for beautiful floors.

Epoxy Floors with Quartz Sand

Those residents worried about slips and falls can rest easier when they hire us. Epoxy floors with quartz sand provide safer slip-resistant surfaces every day.

Single-Color Neat Epoxy

When you prefer designs that remain more subdued, we can create seamless one-color neat epoxy systems. Enjoy the benefits of epoxy without intricate design options.

Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic epoxy floors prove the choice more residents make for their surfaces. These three-dimensional patterns create unique patterns, and they can also mimic natural stones.

Polished Concrete

We take your rough cement surfaces and apply brandishing pads to create gorgeous polished concrete floors. From matte finishes to high-gloss results, choose our team.

Stained Concrete

Stained concrete relies on specialty dyes that create permanent colors, hues, and patterns. Best of all, they won’t fade from sunlight as traditional materials do.

Decorative Overlays

Either indoors or outside, we can apply decorative overlays to your concrete surfaces. Mimic expensive natural stones or create unique patios, interior floors, and more.

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring Contractors?

Some floors, like decorative epoxy flake systems, require metallic additives to be sprinkled throughout the surface before it finishes hardening. Others, like single-color neat systems, create a unified, seamless floor that takes a more neutral tone compared to artistic options.

Although you can purchase resin floor paints and DIY kits, you won’t see our contractors’s level of craft. Contact us now and see the difference our experienced staff can make when you need to upgrade your home or office.

Polished Concrete Floor Services in Cape Girardeau

Carpets release fibers and hardwood floors can produce chemical fumes long after installations have gotten completed, making homeowners look elsewhere. More people today understand that building materials that have gotten used for years may not be safe for daily use.

As a result, polished concrete, stained cement, and decorative overlays continue gaining new fans among homeowners and business owners. Because these systems use existing poured cement, like patios and indoor foundation slabs, your material costs stay low.

Both polishing and staining your concrete surfaces begins with using grinding pads tipped with industrial diamonds that smooth cement to a gloss. Whether you prefer highly reflective floors or natural stone decorative concrete, our contractors always achieve the best results.

Epoxy Flooring Services in Cape Girardeau

From environmental allergies to maintenance and upkeep costs, more homeowners and local small business owners turn to epoxy flooring services. They know they can save a ton on beautiful new surfaces that last a lifetime with minimal care.

See why we remain your trusted name in modern floor installations. Southern Illinois Epoxy provides your superior epoxy flooring services daily.