Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Contractor

Household garages see more harsh use and abuse than most surfaces in your home – car tires, chemical drips, tool drops, and equipment scuffs. It’s no wonder your floor can end up looking dingy. There is a better solution. A Garage Floor Epoxy is a durable and long-lasting upgrade to your standard traditional concrete slab surface. Epoxy flooring is naturally slip and oil resistant, making cleanup and upkeep easy. Garage floor epoxy is especially popular with hobby mechanics because the floor stays protected from falling wrenches or scuffs from a jack.

Warehouses, shops, and industrial garages often use epoxy to ensure safe and clean working environments. Safe storage spaces and cleaning efficiency are also key factors in choosing epoxy flooring. Businesses depend on the hard-wearing nature of epoxy flooring to protect the original concrete surfaces. There is a significant reduction in damage from falling equipment with epoxy flooring.


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What Is Epoxy Garage Flooring?

The process of epoxy garage flooring involves mixing the two-part epoxy resin formula and spreading it across the original surface. It will self-level and cure to create a smooth and strong final surface. The liquid hardens into the defense your garage deserves. Garage floor epoxy treatments are a topical solution, useful in keeping the concrete dust from daily use under control. Our professional contractors will know the right techniques to achieve the look you prefer most. Southern Illinois Epoxy is the best epoxy coating company to assess your space and design a coating plan to fit your needs. Schedule an appointment to get on your way to a perfect garage floor. We will set you up with a contractor near you to get the job done.

Why Epoxy Flooring Contractors?

  • Epoxy provides a seamless surface, which reduces wear and tear on equipment due to rough or cracked surfaces and can prevent injury.
  • Winter, Rain, & Other Considerations. Wet and cold climates are notorious for causing cracks in concrete floors. Epoxy floor coating serves as a weather barrier, helping to save your surfaces from harsh climate factors like snow, ice, rain, and cold.
  • Epoxy floors are chemical resistant and won’t be affected by the deicers used on most roads in winter. Because epoxy floors are smooth and chemical resistant, you won’t need to worry about damaging the floor when life happens.
  • Some people like to create texture or creative expression in their flooring. Therefore, acrylic or metallic flakes and textured aggregate can combine with the epoxy top coat to create a beautiful and functional surface.
  • You can quickly go for minimalistic designs or beautiful artistic applications with this durable resin product.
  • Concrete epoxy is a great alternative to repaving or filling cracks in your garage floors every few years. It takes the current cement, fills and seals cracks and drastically increases the longevity.
  • After adding an epoxy floor coating to your garage, it becomes more than a garage. It will feel like a showroom. Applying epoxy to your garage floor creates a seamless surface.