Metallic Epoxy Floors Contractors

Many flooring solutions can achieve durability or beauty, but not both. Metallic epoxy floors accomplish both of these.

With metallic pigment flecks added to your epoxy base, swirls, waves of color, and light bounce to create one-of-a-kind designs. The metallic pigment is similar to glitter but bends the light it catches to create gorgeous patterns your guests will love.

What Are Metallic Epoxy Floors?

Metallic epoxy floors are similar to standard epoxy flooring. Installers apply the product to the concrete base flooring of your space. It begins as a resin formula that cures to a hard and impenetrable barrier against the elements.

To create your different designs, the installers add metallic pigment in a top coat over the first base layer of epoxy. Your epoxy contractor then manipulates the metallic top surface with brushes, solvents, and rollers to move pigments into a beautiful design.

Metallic epoxy flooring is a fast flooring solution with show stopping effects. Epoxy designers can create the look of storm clouds and lighting, ocean waves, or the pearlessence of opal, and more.

Whether you’re a hobby mechanic needing a clean space or you’re building a game room, metallic epoxy flooring will create spaces you enjoy. In some housing markets, the addition of metallic epoxy flooring will add resale value to your home.


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Metallic Epoxy Flooring Maintenance

Metallic epoxy flooring is easy to maintain and clean. You’ll want to test any chemical cleaners on a small area before full application. For the most part, a good sweep with a soft broom and a gentle mopping will keep your floors in pristine condition.

Metallic epoxy flooring has many benefits for use in your home or business:

  • Because light naturally bounces off the surface, it will brighten your space significantly.
  • It is durable and long-wearing, meaning you spend less on maintenance and replacement.
  • USDA approval isn’t something most flooring solutions can brag about having. Epoxy creates a non-porous, seamless surface, making it easy to sanitize.
  • It’s an attractive option for medical offices, restaurants, high traffic office spaces, and more.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring Near Me

Metallic epoxy flooring is fantastic for garage and basement spaces. These areas of your home tend to see a lot of hard wear.

Adding a durable but beautiful flooring solution for these spaces will make you want to use them more. They clean up quickly, and the reason industrial venues use these floors is the great durability they find in epoxy flooring.

Garages and basements hold many dangers for a floor, from scuffing to staining. With epoxy flooring of any kind, you’ll find they are more resistant to chemical spills and stains.

Installation of metallic epoxy flooring is relatively fast, and installation for any space finishes in a couple of days. Contact one of our epoxy contractors for expert consultation and to answer questions you have about metallic epoxy flooring.

See the long-lasting results you need the most and protect your home better with Southern Illinois Epoxy today.