Best Epoxy Floor Coating Company In Southern Illinois

Southern Illinois Epoxy uses the best in class Epoxy Coating materials and machines. We take pride in completing all of our jobs to the best of our ability and the clients satisfaction, that is why our reputation is the top rated out of all epoxy floor coating company in Southern Illinois.

What is an Epoxy Floor Coating?

An epoxy floor coating is an extremely durable material consisting of epoxide resin and a hardening agent. When these two components are mixed they chemically react with each other to produce an extremely strong adhesive bond to the concrete surface.

An epoxy coating is different from floor paint. Although many manufacturers of floor paints include a small amount of epoxy material in their paint mix, floor paint is still mainly a latex acrylic product.

Southern Illinois Epoxy applies an epoxy coating to your garage floor to create a durable protective layer that shields the floor from unwanted corrosion, impacts, stains, scratches and other kinds of torture the floor gets.

A Belleville epoxy floor coating company can transform your garage floor into one that is durable and aesthetically beautiful, too.

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How to Choose the Right Epoxy Floor Coating Company to Work With?

After deciding that your garage floor needs an epoxy floor coating, the next thing to do is to find an ideal Alton epoxy floor coating company to work with. Choosing the right contractor to work with is equally as important as the actual epoxy floor coating installation.

Choosing and eventually hiring the right epoxy floor coating company can be a lot easier if you know what qualities to look for when you are drawing up a short list of contractors to choose from.

Experience of the Epoxy Floor Coating Company

Hiring an experienced epoxy floor coating company is extremely important otherwise you run the risk of having an installation failure. The number of years the company has been in business, as well as the experience and professionalism of the installers will assure you of a successful epoxy floor coating installation.

Southern Illinois Epoxy has been in business for several years and we have successfully installed thousands of square feet of epoxy floor coatings.

Licenses, Insurances, and Bonds

Licenses, insurances and bonds will ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate business and not a fly by night contractor. Dealing with a legitimate business provides you with all protections under the law.

Southern Illinois Epoxy is a legitimate business registered in the state of Southern Illinois. We also carry liability insurance so your property is protected. Our liability insurance will also protect you just in case we fail to complete the job after full payment.

As a side note, we have completed all the jobs we were contracted to do. We have never used our liability insurance.

Better Business Bureau Accreditation

The Better Business Bureau rates businesses based on several factors. The BBB is your best resource to check the reputation of any business. All businesses strive to get an A rating as this will mean they are a trusted company, have good reviews and have handled customer complains well if any.

References and Reviews

Testimonials from satisfied customers are always the best reference any epoxy floor coating company can get. We have a complete list of all customers. We have documented our epoxy floor coating projects.

We are always ready to provide our references to anyone who requests them. To emphasize our willingness to provide you with references, we always take the liberty of presenting them even when not asked. We are always eager to give our references because we are proud of all our past projects.

Services Offered

The services we offer are not limited to epoxy floor coating installation. We take concrete surface preparation seriously because this is the most important step in the epoxy floor coating installation process.

We also have a wide range of epoxy floor coating systems available. The right epoxy floor coating for your flooring project depends on your budget, the type of concrete surface the epoxy coating is going to be installed ( garage floor, deck, patio, etc), area of coverage and current condition of the concrete surface.

We have an epoxy floor coating system for any of your specific needs.

Materials to Use

At Southern Illinois Epoxy, we use only top quality epoxy floor coating products. We always make it a point to inform our customers of the epoxy floor coating brand we use. Some epoxy floor coating companies keep the brands they use a secret. We do not adhere to such practices.

Concrete Surface Preparation

An experienced and reliable epoxy floor coating company knows that proper concrete floor preparation should be done prior to the epoxy floor coating installation. Visible holes and cracks, fissures and chips need to be repaired. These repairs need to be included in the contract.

A serious epoxy floor coating company does not install an epoxy coating on a moist concrete. Prior to the epoxy installation, a moist test is conducted to check if the concrete substrate is ready to accept the epoxy coating.

Avoid doing business with epoxy companies that refuse to conduct a moisture test while at the same time will not accept full responsibility if the coating does not adhere to the concrete substrate because of the presence of moisture.

Who Installs the Epoxy Floor Coating?

There are some epoxy floor coating companies who hire sub-contractors to do the job. We at Southern Illinois Epoxy have our own professional and experienced team who performs all the work we are hired to do.

Hiring sub-contractors will not enable the company to monitor the quality of work in the same manner as when their own team is doing the job. This scenario can lead to possible conflicts regarding the details of the job agreed upon.

Property Protection

It is also important that the epoxy floor coating company informs you how they will protect your property while the epoxy floor coating installation is in progress. Everything valuable should be removed and stuff that may get in the way of the installation should be moved to safer grounds.

Written Contracts and Warranties

A professional and reliable epoxy floor coating company should be able to present you with a contract detailing every aspect of the work as agreed upon. A contract is both for the protection of the customer and the epoxy company.

The epoxy company should also be able to present you with a warranty for the job. Read the fine print so you are aware of the terms and conditions as well as the scope of work and completion date.

Epoxy floor coating is an easy task for the professional, reliable and well-experienced epoxy floor coating companies just like the Southern Illinois Epoxy.

With hiring a trusted, professional and well-experienced epoxy floor coating company, you have completed almost half of your project.

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