Garage Floor Epoxy Installation Marion, IL

When area homeowners decide that they need a home improvement, they often search for Marion, IL, garage floor epoxy installation. However, how can you know which contractors to hire for your job when you don?t know much about the process?

Epoxy flooring has continued to gain new fans every day as more and more people see their benefits and beauty. And with a straightforward installation that comes with an affordable price tag, you won?t believe the difference that we make.

At Southern Illinois Epoxy, we continue to offer the superior garage floor epoxy installations more residents prefer for their home. Once we complete your upgrade, you will feel as though you stepped into someone else?s vehicle showroom without spending more.

When you need to give your garage a boost in durability, appearance, and safety, you won?t find a better solution. Contact us today for your best home improvement project and see the difference we can make for your garage floors.


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Epoxy Garage Floor Installation

In the right hands, your garage floor epoxy installation breathes new life into old, grimy, and dull poured concrete spaces. Whether your existing surfaces look cracked and worn or you need to see more colors, choose us for better results.

Our staff provides the expertise you can count on to offer you with more patterns, textures, and professional installation techniques. We guarantee your superior set of new floors at lower costs, providing you with the longer-lasting surfaces you will love.

No matter which types of blends, colors, or other design choices suits your garage the most, we offer them all. Contact our epoxy flooring contractors today for your upcoming home improvement job, and experience the best solutions for your:

  • High Solid Blend
  • 100% Solids Epoxy
  • Two-Coat Floors
  • Three-Coat Epoxy Flooring
  • Single-Color Surfaces
  • Paint Flakes
  • Metallic Flakes
  • Clear Epoxy
  • Mortar Epoxy
  • Metallic Epoxy
  • Garage Floor Epoxy with Quartz
  • And more garage floor epoxy installation.

As your trusted local source for resin floors, and more, you can expect quality finishes for any styles of epoxy. Contact us now to schedule our team for your garage and see the level of professional craftsmanship that we offer.

High Solid Blend

A high solids blend of epoxy utilizes solvents or water to produce a texture that more closely resembles roll-on paint. These resin products install quickly and provide a smooth, even finish once it has completely cured for enhanced daily protection.

100% Solids Epoxy

When you eliminate any additional carrier agents from your blend, you receive nothing but pure epoxy floors that defend better. These garage floors will cure into a thicker, more durable surface over a high solids blend of resin with solvents.

Two-Coat Floors

Two-coat garage epoxy floors offer professional cleaning and preparation, as well as a layer of primer before adding the resin. Once finished, your surfaces enjoy a stronger chemical bond which helps you get even more use from your new installation.

Metallic Flakes

Similar to colored paint chips, metallic flakes for your epoxy floors will dazzle under the light for a showroom finish. Metal additives not only looks lovely, but it also helps to keep your garage brighter without requiring additional overhead lighting.

Clear Epoxy

Some customers want our help for their home, but they fear we can?t assist them because they already had services. However, we can seal your existing garage epoxy floors with a clear coat of resin for continued protection every day.

Mortar Epoxy

When you spend weekends restoring vehicles or working on projects, you want to know your floors can take a beating. Mortar epoxy takes the resin?s already high impact resistance and gives it an additional layer of protection with durable materials.

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy floors have become an increasingly popular alternative for more homeowners looking for something different from carpet or tile. And in your garage, it transforms your areas from dull and gray to liquid metals, magma, and other unique designs.

Three-Coat Epoxy Flooring

Our two-coat epoxy garage flooring works beautiful, but some homeowners want a little extra protection against spills, accidents, and more. In addition to the initial primer coat, we also finish off your job with a transparent sealcoat for added durability.

Single-Color Surfaces

Some people may find patterns or textures distracting, or they prefer to keep their designs more neutral for blending in. We can keep your finished epoxy floors simpler in their plans, allowing you the enhanced defense you deserve without disruptions.

Paint Flakes

When you know that you want your garage floors still receive some extra pizzazz, our acrylic paint flakes get results. From contrasting colors to more neutral patterns, we can help you find the perfect selection for your upcoming improvement project.

Choose us at Southern Illinois Epoxy for your garage flooring needs.