Garage Floor Paint

Garage floors in Southern Illinois received a lot of daily abuse from dirt and sawdust to dripping oil and hot tires. It therefore does not come as a surprise that after a few years, the once clean garage concrete floor has turned into a big mess. Garage floor paint can be the best remedy!

Concrete is a porous surface thus oil stains can leave a slippery residue on the concrete floor that can easily pick up dirt. This dirt can easily be picked up enter your home.

Even if your car does not have oil leak, other fluids you have in your garage including antifreeze and gasoline can still spill or leak and damage your concrete floor.

When the time comes and you no longer can stand the dirty and ugly of your Mt. Vernon, Southern Illinois garage concrete floor, you can start thinking of having a garage floor paint job.

Applying garage floor paint can give the concrete floor a fresh look. It can also protect your garage floor against moisture, mildew, mold and chemical spills.

Garage floor paint It can make the garage floor easier to clean, too. More importantly, it can transform your garage concrete floor in the more appealing garage floor.

Applying Garage Floor Paint

There are a few steps that need to be done prior to the application of garage floor paint. Preparing the concrete surface to accept the floor paint will ensure a smooth and successful application.

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Clean the Concrete Floor

With the daily use of your garage, the concrete floor will gather dirt and grime. You will need to thoroughly clean the floor to ensure that the floor paint will evenly and correctly adhere to the concrete floor.

A stiff bristled brush or a power washer and cleaner can do a good job in cleaning the concrete floor.

Fill in the Cracks

Many garages in Mt. Vernon, Southern Illinois will usually have hole or cracks. Use a concrete patch to fill in the cracks. It is important to wait until the concrete patch has completely cured before applying the garage floor paint.

Etch the Concrete Floor

Etching aims to open the pores of the concrete floor so the garage floor paint can penetrate the surface. Not all concrete floors will require etching.

To check if your concrete floor does, drop a small amount of water onto the concrete surface. If the concrete floor does not absorb the water, it will need to be etched. You will then need to treat the concrete floor with a commercial etcher.

Apply a Primer

With the concrete floor properly prepared and treated, you can now apply the primer. The primer will allow the garage floor paint to better adhere with the concrete floor. It will also increase the durability of the floor paint.

Applying an also prevents air bubbles from appearing. It also and keeps the garage floor paint even uniform because it prevents the paint from seeping into the porous concrete floor.

Paint the Concrete Floor

With the floor properly prepared, the garage floor paint can now be applied. With a brush, start applying floor paint at the perimeter. You can then use a paint roller to cover the entire surface of the garage floor.

It is also best to apply garage floor paint under the right temperature of 500F. This is to ensure that the floor paint will completely dry or cure, as the case may be.

Garage Floor Paint

You have two garage floor paint options: epoxy and latex acrylic.

Epoxy Paint

Epoxy is the gold standard for garage floor paints. It adheres well to the concrete surface and is resilient. It is resistant to gas, oil, grease leaks and chemical spills. It is resistant to moisture, mold and mildew as well as abrasion, chips and cracks. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

Epoxy garage floor paint contains 100% solids making it tough and durable. Epoxy has a long lifespan when always kept in top shape.

Latex Acrylic Paint

A latex acrylic paint is cheaper than an epoxy coating but has a relatively short lifespan. It needs constant repainting and retouching. This kind of garage floor paint contains about 50% solids. It also comes with a small amount of epoxy material to make it tough and durable.

Southern Illinois Epoxy

When you are planning to give your garage a fresh new look, it is always best to hire a professional. Professional floor paint installers are your best bet to a properly painted garage floor.

Working with Southern Illinois Epox will guarantee that the concrete surface is properly prepared and the garage floor paint is properly applied. Our installers are well experienced to handle the job. We also have the tools and equipment to do the job right the first time.

We are licensed, insured and bonded to guarantee that we will do a good job and finish the job on time as well. We have been in the business of garage floor paint application for many years with many residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Call us now so we can start working on your Belleville garage floor paint project.

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