Once area homeowners see how great garage floor epoxy looks, they immediately start searching for upgrades. However, without knowing how much the cost of garage floor epoxy is, it can be challenging to start. With the number of customizable features at your disposal, the choice gets more complicated. How can you possibly keep your garage floor epoxy costs low?

The first step should always be contacting us at Southern Illinois Epoxy for installation. As your best garage floor epoxy contractor, we review your free quote line by line.

Continue reading to learn how your project is priced and why it’s an excellent investment. Garage floor epoxy is more affordable than you think when you hire the right contractors.

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What is an Epoxy Garage Floor?

Your garage’s concrete floor is your home’s foundation slab or an exposed portion of it. As a result, it’s essential to keep it free from structural concerns. It’s also where most of us store bulky items and park our cars. Over time, those areas that are used daily wear out and begin to crack.

Epoxy garage floors are a two-part resin product that evenly coats and protects the surface. Once it cures, the liquid material hardens into a dense shell that lasts for years. You can also add dyes and decorative flakes to your design making every floor unique. For a full list of options and features, contact our installation contractors.

Garage floor epoxy cost for concrete homes

How Garage Floor Epoxy Jobs Are Priced

As with many construction projects, your garage floor epoxy installation is priced per square foot. The typical two-car garage is roughly about 500 square feet, so it’s an affordable upgrade. No matter what state that you live in, you can anticipate $3 to $12/square foot. The larger contributor to your garage floor epoxy cost is the labor required.

Your surfaces need lots of preparation, including cleaning, sealing, and repairing cracks. After that, your choices of materials impact the price as well. Some epoxy products are much more expensive than others, but their benefits make it worthwhile. When you schedule us for your garage floor epoxy, we explain all your options clearly.

Why Do Some Types of Epoxy Cost More Than Others?

The reason why some types of epoxy cost more than others is because of the amounts of solids. The higher the solids count, or volume, the fewer additives and water there is. For example, cheap paint kits with resin are far less expensive than 100% solids epoxy. The finished result also speaks for itself, revealing its true quality.

Higher solids products also require professional tools and equipment to handle correctly. Otherwise, you will only have an expensive mess to clean, and an unfinished floor. Other types rely on chips, flakes, paint chips, and other decorative add-ons. Water-based epoxy, on the other hand, is more affordable as it has fewer solids present.

Can I Save on Garage Floor Epoxy By Doing It Myself?

One of the first home improvement projects owners take on is upgrading their garage. It’s where you store power tools and chemicals, and it may need improved safety features. Unfortunately, DIY kits rarely last, as they use inferior products. When you do the same job twice, it ends up costing more to finish.

It also doesn’t help that most epoxy floors require more than standard tools. At a minimum, you need several sizes of trowels, power trowel, and specialized safety gear. You also won’t find many of these items available at equipment rental shops. The faster, safer, and more affordable approach is to hire our garage epoxy floor experts.

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How Much Does it Cost to Epoxy a Garage Floor?

Most homeowners in the Southern Illinois area can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000—$4,000. The average in the community is about $2,500, depending on the size and materials used. For the actual labor, each job is unique and has different requirements. That number could fall as low as $3 to $12 a square foot.

Believe it or not, the time of year also plays a factor. When it’s too hot, humid, or freezing outside, it can cause your project to fail. Surfaces that are severely damaged or worn also require extensive repairs first. Having a clean, smooth floor to work on leads to faster, more affordable jobs.

Is Garage Floor Epoxy Safe?

When your garage floor epoxy is installed, you may have concerns. One whiff of the fumes coming from the surface is enough to feel suspicious. The odor is the result of the chemical reaction that takes place when in use. As a two-part system, the resin combines with a hardening agent, creating the smell.

One of the top things about epoxy flooring is how safe they are. Once it has finished curing, you stop having VOCs being released, and will experience no additional smells. During the installation process, the fumes can be dangerous, requiring masks and respirators. After it hardens, however, you’ll never need to fear VOCs again.

How to Keep Garage Floor Epoxy Costs Lower

While Southern Illinois Epoxy already offers you the best prices, some options can be more expensive. They may require more effort to install or need additional materials over other types. Another way to keep costs lower is by choosing us over inexperienced contractors. When they fail to use the right products, you end up having to call them back annually for topcoats.

Maintaining your garage will reduce the labor needed to finish your floors. When we start with surfaces in rough shape, it only takes us longer for prep. Also, knowing what your options are, and their final result goes a long way. Otherwise, you try to force the wrong products to perform the same as others.

What About Garage Floor Epoxy Kits Sold in Stores?

We’ve all seen cheap DIY kits sold at big-box hardware stores at unbelievable prices. As they say, you get what you pay for. These products, called epoxy floor coatings, are unique paints that roll onto the surface. The material is a low-grade epoxy with little to no solids.

Once it cures, it looks great – for about a week of use. When hot tires roll across, it eventually causes it to start peeling. These garage floor coatings don’t last long, and you spend more time and money maintaining them. Instead, contact our experienced contractors for your best results possible.

Why Hire Us for Your Garage Floor Epoxy?

It may sound counter-intuitive, but it’s more affordable to hire our flooring professionals. No number of online videos can lead to a perfect first try, especially without equipment. Plus, the products you see sold in stores are not the same as what we use. Your installed epoxy is of a much higher quality than knock-off paints and kits.

Since they are resin, all epoxy floors wear down from use eventually. However, using experienced contractors can last for years, if not decades. As your local flooring company, we know how to achieve your best results. Hiring us helps you save on service for affordable home improvements.

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Keep Your Garage Floor Epoxy Cost Lower Today

Creating your perfect garage floor requires years of experience to get right. Most of the job is preparation and repairs, so you can’t rush the process. Our team takes the time to address each crack and blemish correctly. Once we’ve finished, your garage is ready for its durable surface coating.

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