Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

You had wanted to upgrade your home?s garage last winter with a new resin flooring system, but cold weather stopped you. And now that the summer seems hot and muggy, Cape Girardeau MO epoxy garage floor coatings seem the ideal solution.

Complete resin flooring systems have continued gaining new believers, but the installation conditions don?t always prove convenient for your job. And because installing your new surface requires several days of labor, it means giving up your garage for even longer.

Instead, you can have the contractors at Southern Illinois Epoxy provide you with long-lasting and durable epoxy garage floor coatings. As a secondary flooring surface, you receive many of the same benefits with a fraction of the materials and labor.

When you need to see a home improvement job finished in a few hours, coating your surfaces gets better results. Preserve and protect your house?s garage space today with your affordable source for new resin floors and more contractor services.

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Cape Girardeau MO Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors

Every day, you expect your garage to perform the same it did on the first day you parked your car. However, over time, changes in weather, moisture, air humidity, and more, can leave your surfaces cracked, worn, and falling apart.

And while you could pay someone to tear down and install a new poured concrete floor, we offer better solutions. Before you give up your garage for extensive new construction projects, we can coat your surfaces in a few hours.

Because your new resin coating binds directly to the existing cement, it requires less labor, material, and time over flooring. For the fast and affordable alternative that you and your family will love, choose our contractors for better results for:

  • ? ? ? ? Self-Leveling Overlays
  • ? ? ? ? Self-Dispersing Epoxy Coatings
  • ? ? ? ? Epoxy Coating with Quartz
  • ? ? ? ? Gravel Epoxy Coating
  • ? ? ? ? Mortar Epoxy Garage Coating
  • ? ? ? ? Vapor Barrier
  • ? ? ? ? Epoxy Flake
  • ? ? ? ? Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating
  • ? ? ? ? Terrazzo Garage Coating
  • ? ? ? ? And more epoxy garage floor coatings.

Whichever styles you prefer or what designs you need to see, we can complete them all quickly at for less. Save more on overhauling your home?s garage space today, and experience the lasting protection of epoxy garage floor coatings.

What Are Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings?

Many traditional flooring materials require a subfloor gets installed underneath for proper support, often consisting of wood and concrete slabs. Once in place, it allows you to walk over your surfaces without worrying about uneven boards, tiles, or bunched padding.

However, that also means a layer of dirt, dust, and mildew continue growing underfoot without you realizing how much so. In the end, many people wind up digging up the subfloor and replacing it with materials that don?t rot away.

And while resin flooring systems have continued gaining popularity, they can require extensive time, labor, and curing periods for results. When you find yourself without much free time, a garage floor coating installs within hours versus days for traditional floors.

In the end, both systems utilize the same types of epoxy products, but the method of installing them differs significantly. For a faster, more affordable approach to preserving your garage?s floors, choose our contractors for your highest quality epoxy coatings.

Epoxy Flake

Epoxy with colored paint flakes enhances your project with playful patterns, textures, and other design considerations for professional finished appearances.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating

Metallic epoxy creates unique patterns that always turn heads. From hot magma to liquid metals, we achieve more design choices.

Terrazzo Garage Coating

Terrazzo remains a stylish appearance for a wide range of different flooring materials. And it still looks great for epoxy.

Gravel Epoxy Coating

By adding a textured surface to your garage, it adds a sense of elegance and functionality that compliments any d?cor.

Mortar Epoxy Garage Coating

Your mortar epoxy garage coating offers unparalleled protection and surface binding with thick, durable adhesives that can last for years.

Vapor Barrier

Each day, the morning dew brings with it moisture that escapes through your garage. Seal it away with vapor barriers.


Self-Leveling Overlays

When you have existing surfaces you wish to preserve, our team coats over them with self-leveling epoxy overlays for results.

Self-Dispersing Epoxy Coatings

Self-dispersing epoxy garage floor coatings create industrial strength bonding and protection for your floors without a complete flooring system installation.

Epoxy Coating with Quartz

When traditional garage floors seem too slick for you, we offer a better solution. Enjoy epoxy with quartz for safety.

Cape Girardeau MO Epoxy Floor Coating Near Me

Garage floor epoxy remains a favorited home improvement project, but not everyone can forgo the time needed to complete them. Instead, enjoy the same level of quality and commitment to your job with our reliable floor coating contractors.

See the designs you prefer today by hiring the team behind Southern Illinois Epoxy.

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