Southern Illinois Garage Floor

When you are frustrated about the dirty and ugly look of your garage floor, considering having an epoxy floor coating installed in your Southern Illinois Garage Floor!

The durability, beauty and versatility of an epoxy floor coating make it one of the most preferred flooring solutions in Southern Illinois.

An epoxy floor coating at the same time adds to the decorative perspective of your concrete surface while at the same time protecting it from stains, damage and wear.

Color plays a major role when choosing the right epoxy flooring for your Southern Illinois Garage Floor. In fact the wide range of colors available for epoxy flooring can create a unique look and feel for your garage.

Garage Floor Installation Southern Illinois

Epoxy garage floors in Carbondale, Southern Illinois are durable and long-lasting. This flooring solution is many levels higher than floor paint. Floor paint is a latex acrylic product that contains a small amount of epoxy to make it more durable than regular paint.

Epoxy a mixture of a resin and a harder. When this mixture is poured on the concrete floor, the hardener plays the role of a catalyst that produces a chemical reaction. It allows the hardening of the epoxy material allowing the flooring material to harden to transform into a sturdy and beautiful garage floor.

The chemical reaction between the resin and the hardener allows the curing of these elements to create an intertwined structure. This is the reason epoxy is a durable and tough flooring material.

Paint dries up whereas epoxy cures to create an interlaced polymer structure that can withstand chemicals, grease, oil, dust, dirt, mildew abrasion, puncture and even hot tire marks.

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Epoxy Garage Floor Colors

Southern Illinois Epoxy, we offer a wide range of epoxy garage floor colors in different patterns including solids, blended and lava-flow metallic. Each of these colors is used to create your desired effect for your garage.

The epoxy garage floor color you choose will be based more on practicality rather than to match your mood. You can choose an epoxy floor color to match the color of your car. You can also choose one to coordinate with the wall and decors of your garage.

In short, you will have to determine what you want out of your epoxy garage floor, as well as the look and effects that you want to achieve. Consequently, you will be able to decide on the colors that will suit your needs.

Here is a guide you can use in choosing the right epoxy garage floor color.

  • Neutral colors such as beige and gray will tend to hide dust, dirt and grime and will require less cleaning.

  • White, black and dark colors will show more dust, dirt and grime and will require more cleaning.

Since dust, dirt and grime are easy to clean in epoxy garage floors this should be a deterrent for you to choose darker and bolder colors for your garage such as dark gray, hunter green or black.

Epoxy Garage Floor Color Chips

Having a wide array of colors to choose from is one of the major benefits of epoxy garage floors. This however can also mean that choosing the color you really want or need is a tedious task.

Pairing Color Chips

Your epoxy garage floor in Harrisburg does not need to be in just a single color. You can choose to two or more colors. You can opt for a customized color for majority of the floor area and go for a neutral color like grey to function as a border.

Epoxy floor color chips are either solid or mixed. Solid colors include red, yellow, gray, etc if you want colors with more depth, you can mix two or more colors from the same family but with different tones.

The epoxy products we use at Southern Illinois Epoxy are available in a wide range of colors, shades and tones.

Whether you want us to install a solid-colored epoxy, custom-colored epoxy, flake epoxy coating or metallic epoxy, our epoxy floors color charts will make choosing the right color a walk in the park.

Why Choose Us?

We can help bring to reality what you have in mind. Envision your garage.

Do you want to have a professional and clean looking garage Go for white or any of our light colors?

Do you want your garage to have a showroom look Go for a bold red color?

Do you want to have unique color for your garage floor Think of the colors you want to mix and match and we can do it for you?

What about a family insignia or the logo of your favorite sport’s team or car brand We can have it on your garage floor!

With epoxy, you can achieve the look you desire with limitless colors, effects, and designs!

Call us now so we can start work on your Southern Illinois garage floor!