Polished Concrete Contractors Paducah, KY

Beige carpets, stark white tile, and wood floors have all but worn out their welcome for homeowners searching for flooring. Modern designs and affordable price tags make hiring a Paducah, KY, polished concrete contractor the ideal way to improve houses.

Homeowners throughout the country continue to discover the superior durability and gorgeous lasting appearances of their new polished cement floors. When you choose a trustworthy service contractor to complete your job, you can look forward to many benefits, such as:

  • Simplified Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Unique One-of-a-Kind Appearances
  • Luxurious Shimmering Floors
  • Improved Room Brightness
  • Increased Home Value
  • Affordable Upkeep Costs
  • More Consistent Indoor Temperatures
  • And many more reasons to upgrade.

At Southern Illinois Epoxy, we continue to provide the best selection of new floors and systems to your home?s project. And when you choose us for your polished concrete systems, it means getting the most out of your finished results.


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What are Polished Concrete Floors?

No matter which type of flooring materials you currently have installed, the first floor still has the cement slab underneath. And surprisingly, with the right mix of tools, professional products, and experience, that hardened surface can get made to sparkle.

The original concrete foundation gets the topmost surface sanded down with diamond-tipped abrasion pads that leave it smooth and even. Depending on the desired level of gloss you want for your floors, the process can require several grits of sanding.

In addition to smoothing out these otherwise rough surfaces, stains, dyes, and other additives can get included for custom designs. Some polished concrete floors can even mimic elegant natural stones and marbles for luxury appearances without the higher price tags.

When you find yourself sick of traditional flooring materials, you can enjoy a new polished concrete surface that lasts longer. Enjoy uniquely customized designs you prefer to see and discover durable floors that hold up to daily foot traffic better.

Paducah KY Polished Concrete Floors

For such a straightforward installation process, your final polished concrete floors can take on many different styles, designs, and features. From shimmering faux marble to artistic swirls and patterns, we can complete any requests that you have for our contractors.

Even if you prefer to have less shine or more neutral color tones, we can help you achieve your results. Our team has years of assisting more area homeowners with their polished concrete surfaces than anyone else in the community.

From designs you have created yourself to ditching your old worn-out carpets, our installers create beautiful surfaces. We guarantee your best quality of results for any types of textures and patterns, including our affordable solutions for your:

  • Cream Polish
  • Salt & Pepper Finish
  • Concrete Overlays
  • Flat Coat
  • Satin Finish
  • Semi-Gloss Polish
  • High Gloss Polish
  • Medium Aggregate Finished
  • Large Aggregate Polish
  • Color Concrete Stains
  • Metal Flake Additives
  • And more polished concrete floors.

Whatever you hope to see with your new polished concrete flooring system, we can ensure you receive the highest results. Contact us today to schedule your best installation project and see the level of quality we bring to every job.

Cream Polish

The classic rich, smooth look achieved through cleaning, preparing, and texturing your cement surfaces, or for adding advanced staining techniques.

Salt & Pepper Finish

Salt and peppered finish create tiny aggregate appearances that still retains the highest level of gloss you had requested.

Concrete Overlays

Among the most direct ways of installing your new floors over existing failed systems. Build over your old materials today.

Flat Coat

Not all homes need a bright shimmering finished coat. We can achieve a flatter level of sheen for your preferences.

Satin Finish

Satin polished concrete, also called ?matte,? produces a bright, yet subdued, sheen that works great with darker colors and stains.

Semi-Gloss Polish

The next-to-highest sheen we can achieve remains our semi-gloss concrete floor polish. We often need around six passes for results.

High Gloss Polish

The most reflective sheen that you can enjoy for your home. Reflected items in your floor appear with mirror-like clarity.

Medium Aggregate Finished

When you prefer to see a little bit of the exposed cement, a medium aggregate finish achieves a flaked appearance.

Large Aggregate Polish

Far more noticeable remains large aggregate polishes that expose more of the character flaws that naturally occur within poured cement.

Color Concrete Stains

After the initial abrasion pad pass, we can apply color stains and dyes to the roughened, exposed concrete surface pores.

Metal Flake Additives

Adding metal flakes to the topcoat of your floor gives it another way to catch the light for dazzling appearances.

Paducah KY Polished Concrete Contractors Near Me

When you need more than the same typical options for carpets and tile, call our contractors for polished concrete floors. Choose Southern Illinois Epoxy