Jackson MO Polished Concrete Flooring Contractors

Carpet floors can trap pollen, dirt, and dust, while wood surfaces only seem to stay scratched and scuffed. It?s no wonder why more area residents continue to discover the benefits of hiring Jackson MO polished concrete contractors.

Your cement surfaces not only capture the glass-like beauty of natural stone, but they require fewer installation materials. Best of all, you can enjoy a variety of styles, textures, colors, and more, for one-of-a-kind floors that last.

Southern Illinois Epoxy provides expert-quality results at affordable rates that enhance your home with unique floors made from foundation slabs. Once we finish your project, you can look forward to a new flooring system that offers many benefits, such as:

  • ? ? ? ? Improved Durability
  • ? ? ? ? Scratch & Scuff Resistant
  • ? ? ? ? Easy Cleanup
  • ? ? ? ? Simple to Maintain
  • ? ? ? ? Fade Resistant
  • ? ? ? ? Long Lifespan
  • ? ? ? ? And more.

For the best new floors that you won?t see anywhere else, choose our installation contractors for your next improvement project. From custom colors to mimicked stone surfaces, and more, you can rely on our team for any designs you prefer.

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What Are Polished Concrete Floors?

Beneath every flooring system on the ground level, you will find your home?s concrete slab acting as a subfloor surface. However, as few building materials prove as durable as cement, it makes sense to use it as your original floors.

As the name suggests, the surface gets polished to achieve a bright glossy finish, and we offer varying degrees, also. Whether you prefer a more matte appearance or a mirror-like reflection, we can apply virtually any preferences you may have.

Best of all, as a smooth, even surface, much of your daily cleaning needs become a dry dust mop. About once a month, use some regular dish detergent and water and carefully clean it without the use of waxes.

After a few years, you may see some cloudiness or discolored areas, but you can have your surfaces restored quickly. For the best flooring system that practically takes care of itself, choose our installation team for your polished concrete surfaces.

Jackson MO Polished Concrete Flooring

Your new floors offer you much more than reflective surfaces, however, and we can get the most from your installation. Polished concrete flooring systems offer homeowners a straightforward and cost-effective way of adding value, durability, and ambient room brightness.

Whether your living room seems too dark without fluorescent bulbs, or beige carpet no longer excites you, choose our contractors. We create the best polished concrete flooring systems throughout the Jackson, MO, community, assisting more area homeowners every day.

No matter which design choices suit your living spaces the best, you can count on us for expert quality results. Call us now and discuss your home improvement project to see the difference we make for polished concrete floors, including:

  • ? ? ? ? Medium Aggregate Floors
  • ? ? ? ? Large Aggregate Polish
  • ? ? ? ? Concrete Overlays
  • ? ? ? ? Flat Coat
  • ? ? ? ? Satin Finish
  • ? ? ? ? Cream Polish
  • ? ? ? ? Salt & Pepper Finish
  • ? ? ? ? Semi-Gloss Polish
  • ? ? ? ? High Gloss Polish
  • ? ? ? ? Color Stains & Dyes
  • ? ? ? ? Metal Flake
  • ? ? ? ? And more polished concrete floors.

From subdued patterns to outrageous color schemes, we can bring more of your ideas to life with longer-lasting floors. Give your home the trusted team of cement flooring contractors today, and save more on your new glossy surfaces.

Medium Aggregate Floors

Medium aggregate floors capture that classic speckled design that looks great inside any building. These also install faster over others.

Large Aggregate Polish

Expose even more of the natural stone layers within the existing cement with our large aggregate polish for your floors.

Concrete Overlays

When you can?t remove the existing surface, we can coat over it. We install a secondary layer over existing materials.

Flat Coat

Not everyone wants a high-gloss finish, and we can keep yours flatter. A hazier surface still shines under the light.

Satin Finish

Satin, or matte, floors offer more reflection without as much labor as high gloss polish. Some blemishes remain after installation.

Cream Polish

Cream polish exposes the sand particles within the poured concrete to give it a coffee-like appearance of lighter color swirls.

Salt & Pepper Finish

Salt and pepper expose the finest aggregates of the cement to give it a dotted look that mimics aged stone.

Semi-Gloss Polish

At a minimum, your floors get achieved through an 800-grit industrial abrasive pad for brighter light reflection and shinier appearances.

High Gloss Polish

Your floors won?t get brighter than with high gloss polish. We use a finely gritted sander to eliminate more imperfections.

Color Stains & Dyes

We can mix and match colors, or use dedicated stains to create unique patterns, textures, and other customized designs.

Metal Flakes

When you need more than the exposed stone aggregate, we can add metal flakes and chips for a modern touch.

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