Garage Floor Epoxy Installation in Jackson MO

From preserved historic homes to modern new construction houses, every building needs an upgrade eventually to maintain its lasting charm. And when you need a straightforward and affordable improvement project, many area homeowners choose Jackson, MO, garage floor epoxy installation.

Right now, your home?s garage utilizes a portion of your concrete foundation slab, avoiding the need for flooring installation services. However, over time, your cement surfaces get cracked and damaged, leading to structural concerns, but epoxy floors can offer:

  • ? ? ? ? Customized Designs
  • ? ? ? ? Impact Resistance
  • ? ? ? ? Acid & Corrosion Defense
  • ? ? ? ? Stain & Rust Protection
  • ? ? ? ? Hot Tire Mark Prevention
  • ? ? ? ? Cold & Hot Weather Defense
  • ? ? ? ? Ground Moisture Resistance
  • ? ? ? ? Straightforward Cleaning
  • ? ? ? ? Simplified Maintenance
  • ? ? ? ? And many more daily benefits.
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At Southern Illinois Epoxy, we remain the local Jackson, MO installation contractors more area homeowners turn to for help most. From simple projects to complex design options, we always achieve your best results at lower costs for superior garage floors.

From messy art projects to knocked over toolboxes, and more hazards, your new epoxy floor can take it all. See garage flooring that stays as tough as you do, and hire our expert installation team for your best results.

Garage Floor Epoxy Installation?

What makes garage floor epoxy installation such a popular option in home improvement projects remains its easy installation and affordability. And while you can find plenty of cheesy Do It Yourself kits sold at hardware retailers, we always outperform them.

Too many products use inferior additives, like paints, oils, and solvents, to make them easier for untrained installers to use. However, that will mean that, no matter how great of results you achieve, it isn?t as high as you expected.

Instead, our team provides convenient and affordable installation services that capture the best quality possible for any custom design preferences. From swirled metal magma to one-color coatings, our contractors can assist you with your new garage floor epoxy installation, including:

  • ? ? ? ? Garage Floor Epoxy with Quartz
  • ? ? ? ? Single-Color Surfaces
  • ? ? ? ? Two-Coat Floors
  • ? ? ? ? Three-Coat Epoxy Flooring
  • ? ? ? ? Mortar Epoxy
  • ? ? ? ? Metallic Epoxy
  • ? ? ? ? Clear Epoxy
  • ? ? ? ? Paint Flakes
  • ? ? ? ? Metallic Flakes
  • ? ? ? ? High Solid Blend
  • ? ? ? ? 100% Solids Epoxy

From subdued appearances to unique finished surfaces, we achieve them all each time that you hire us for your floors. Contact our team today to discover your best results possible on more forms of garage epoxy floors and color additives.

Garage Floor Epoxy with Quartz

Even though your new surfaces look slick, we can help your shoes get a grip. Enjoy quartz for slip resistance.

Single-Color Surfaces

We can keep your garage floors the same shade of gray, or find a different color you love seeing daily.

Two-Coat Floors?

Two-coat epoxy floor systems use a primer base layer for improved product applications. See the difference we make for garages.

Three-Coat Epoxy Flooring

In addition to the initial primer layer, we finish your project with a clear epoxy sealcoat for added daily durability.

Mortar Epoxy

Mortar epoxy systems not only look great, but they fill in and seal any surface cracks your cement may have.

Metallic Epoxy

Liquid magma, molten metal, cosmic swirls, and more, can all get achieved with one straightforward installation for your epoxy floors.

Clear Epoxy

Do you already have resin surfaces or want the original floor to come through? Seal over it with clear epoxy.

Paint Flakes

Why settle for only one color when we can pepper your job with many? Paint flakes add tons of personality.

Metallic Flakes

Much like colored paint flakes, metallic ones add another way to catch the sunlight with dazzling additives through your floors.

High Solid Blend

A high solids blend of epoxy uses a minimal number of solvents to achieve a stronger, longer-lasting bond to surfaces.

100% Solids Epoxy

When your floors have nothing but pure resin and its hardening agent, it means smooth, even finishes for your project.

Why Hire Choose Garage Epoxy Floor Installation?

Traditional flooring materials look strange when put in your garage, but you need more than the initial bare concrete surface. When you can?t turn to carpet, tile, wood, or other building materials, it can feel hopeless to upgrade your floor.

However, when you hire us to install your epoxy system, it means seeing the results you need at lower costs. Our expert contractors know how to get the most out of every floor we install for your home?s garage space.

Whether you need more color than dull cement gray, or you want a safer, better-protected home, choose our contractor team. We create your new floors that defend against heat, flames, spilled chemicals, and more without extensive maintenance and upkeep services.

Whatever your home?s garage needs from our expert installation contractors, you can count on us for your best results possible. Choose Southern Illinois Epoxy for your improvement project and see our quality.