Here at Southern Illinois Epoxy, many of our customers aren’t sure what products are right for their flooring projects. What is most confusing for many is knowing the difference between garage floor paint vs. epoxy.

All too often, homeowners choose a product based on price alone. They don’t dive deep into its characteristics or learn why it’s not wise to use them. Others feel that they can pull off professional results with cheap DIY kits. There are many reasons why knowing what you purchase makes a huge difference in your results.

When in doubt, you can ask our friendly team for advice, and we’ll gladly help you choose your best designs and durable floor options.

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The Difference Between Garage Floor Paint Vs. Epoxy

Many people find themselves dismayed at the final results of their paint kits. They expect to see quality epoxy flooring for pennies on the dollar. The main difference between garage floor paint vs. epoxy is in the products’ names. Floor paint rolls onto the surface, applying a temporary surface coat. Epoxy flooring is made from pouring and layering resin-based materials to create a durable surface. 

Much like tile or wood, the process creates a floor from raw products. In the end, floor paint is merely a cover, while epoxy builds a true flooring system. Knowing what the final results are is a contributing factor to which one is ideal.

garage floor paint vs. epoxy floor

Latex Garage Floor Paint

As the name suggests, garage floor paint rolls onto the surface. However, homeowners can find a wide range of different options, making the choice tricky. One of the most common types is a latex paint system. While these often claim to contain epoxy, they usually don’t have enough for their benefits.

The latex base allows the paint to adhere to the cement surface quickly. Once in place, it needs to dry similar to regular wall coatings. Unfortunately, the minimal amount of resin that it has in it doesn’t offer much protection at all. You will see yourself rolling on a new coat within a few years.

One-Part Epoxy Garage Floor Paint

The better choice in store-bought kits is one-part epoxy garage floor paint. While still a roll-on product, it offers many more benefits over latex-only items. By having a higher concentration of epoxy included, these paints cure harder. Once finished, these floors will withstand impacts and stains much better than latex paints. Unfortunately, it won’t contain enough resin solids to offer professional results. 

While a more durable paint product, it still isn’t 100% epoxy, leaving it vulnerable. You will see these surfaces last longer than cheap roll-on kits, but for the real thing, you’re better off hiring a professional.

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Garage Floor Epoxy

This is the real deal. Garage floor epoxy offers superior protection for years at a time. With minimal maintenance required, it’s a cost-effective upgrade for your home. Garage epoxy floors have the resin product poured out as a liquid material. While it settles, it undergoes a chemical reaction, transforming it into a solid surface.

Unlike a paint-based kit, this process does not coat your floor, but builds over it. You can picture the process as being similar to installing tile over hardwood floors. However, most of the materials are liquids rather than boxes of panels. When searching for professional results, it helps to choose experienced service contractors like ours.

Why Choose Garage Floor Epoxy?

Your garage is a unique challenge versus other living spaces in your home. When epoxy cures completely, it creates a dense and durable protective layer. These products help prevent moisture problems, leaks, and impact damages while defending your concrete slab.

You can also utilize a range of decorative options for customized projects. Some epoxies mimic other building materials, while others retain unique appearances and properties. No matter your preferred style, we provide many different garage floor epoxy products to create your best floors.

Which Garage Floor Epoxy is Best?

Unlike other spaces in your home, your garage can favor function over style. However, if you do wish to see something artistic, there are many choices. Some garage floor epoxies use singular colors, while others offer many unique additives. There are even more options that are made with safety as their top priority with improved slip resistance.

Whatever flooring system is right for you, you can enjoy a quality garage floor epoxy with options such as:

  • Solid Epoxy
  • Flake Epoxy
  • Metallic Epoxy
  • Mortar Epoxy
  • Quartz Epoxy

Each one offers unique properties and appearances for one-of-a-kind installations. Make sure you choose experienced service contractors for the best results.

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Solid Epoxy

Solid epoxy is where many people confuse these floors with roll-on paint. Since it has a uniform color and texture throughout, some mistake it. However, performance is where these floors shine as they outlast any paint product. You can also have dyes, stains, and metal flakes for more personalized choices and more flair.

Flake Epoxy

What makes flake epoxy so unique is their options for decorative additives. Even including a few paint or metal chips can drastically change these floors’ appearances with:

  • Vinyl Flakes
  • Acrylic Chips
  • Metallic Additives
  • High-Grit Flakes
  • Partial Broadcast
  • Full Broadcast

With different sizes of flakes to choose from, no two floors will look the same after installation. When you need a one-of-a-kind surface in your garage, flake epoxy works well.

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy is a popular choice because of its wow factor. Because they utilize different shades, they make a cosmic swirl-like effect. Using similar colors will create a rich, deep pattern while contrasting shades can look really gorgeous. They can also mimic other building materials for luxurious garage floors.

Mortar Epoxy

Mortar epoxy is the ideal choice for those who are clumsy or drive multiple vehicles. When support and protection are your highest priorities, these floors don’t quit. Using the same type of mortar used in masonry, these surfaces feel indestructible. Keep in mind though, these are often used in industrial buildings, making their appearance more on the bland side.

Quartz Epoxy

Quartz epoxy offers several benefits in one convenient flooring product. This system uses quartz sand and flakes for added traction and safety. Plus, they’re lovely to look at, enhancing the look of your garage as well. When you need lovely floors that keep you safer, choose these products.

Garage Floor Paint Vs. Epoxy: Which Do I Choose?

When deciding between garage floor paint vs. epoxy, the options can feel overwhelming. However, you don’t need to rush into a decision that you will regret. Those working on strict budgets and time limitations will favor roll-on paints. These products can be completed by inexperienced homeowners, and they dry quickly.

Professional epoxy flooring can require days of preparation and cure time. Also, with a specialized contractor installation, they will cost more to complete. That being said, paints wear out quickly, leaving you disappointed with the results, while epoxy has better results and more durability.

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Hire Us for Garage Floor Epoxy and Other Services

Real epoxy flooring is a safe, durable, and attractive way of improving your home. Not only do they look great, but defend against oils, greases, and tire marks.For those that like to tinker and build, it keeps dust from grinding into cement. Plus, when you knock over a metal toolbox, your floor remains safe from impacts.

Although coatings offer some protection, they don’t defend against many hazards. For the true garage floor epoxy experience, hire Southern Illinois Epoxy.