Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

Glossy garage floor epoxy coating has for many years been used to seal concrete floors in commercial establishments and industrial facilities. Today, many residential garages in Southern Illinois have opted for epoxy floor coatings.

Many homeowners in Alton used to only admire the glistening slabs at car showrooms. Now they also want their garages to achieve the same look. They are particularly drawn to the fact that a garage floor epoxy coating is comfortable to walk on, beautiful and easy to clean.

Garage Concrete Flooring

Concrete is probably the most durable flooring material. As such most garages have concrete flooring. Concrete flooring though is prone to chipping, cracking and other damages.

Home garages with concrete flooring are now not only used for parking cars. Bikes, motorcycles, ladders, garden tools, home cleaning equipment and other stuff also housed in the garage. For these reason, it can be challenging to keep the concrete in top shape.

Commercial and industrial concrete floors deal with harsh conditions every day including high foot and vehicle traffic. They nevertheless manage to keep floors in top shape with an epoxy coating. For this reason, homeowners have started to give garage floor epoxy coating a serious look.

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Garage Floor Epoxy

What is so special about garage floor epoxy coating to make homeowners in Centralia opt for this flooring solution

Garage floor epoxy coating comes with a high visual appeal. The high gloss finish is something everyone admires. Epoxy coating is available in a wide array of colors, textures and designs so allow you to achieve the look you desire for your garage.

Garage floor epoxy coating is durable and resilient to chipping, impacts, surface abrasion, stains and chemicals. Dropping a wrench is not anymore cause for worry because it will no longer damage the garage floor.

Epoxy is a topical sealer therefore it is resistant to moisture. As such, it is easy to clean road salts and icy brines that can gather in your garage floor during winter. Mild soap and water is all that is needed. When the floor gets dry, just sweep dust and debris with a soft broom or dust mop.

Being a topical sealer, garage floor epoxy coating is anti-dust. Powder coming from a cement floor is the main cause of dust gathering in your garage. Daily traffic on a concrete floor kicks up the dusty powder which will eventually settle on every object in your garage. Some of the dust finds their way into the house.

Fluids, gas, grease leaking from your car will not stain the garage floor epoxy coating. These chemical leaks can easily be clean therefore they will not leave a permanent stain in your garage floor. This is so because epoxy has sealed the concrete floor making it a non-porous surface.

Garage floor epoxy coating is extremely durable. It can withstand dirt, road salts, ice, snow, blacktop residue, pebbles and sand brought by vehicle tires from the road.

Garage floor epoxy coating can also be made to be slip resistant. This can be done by adding colored acrylic flakes to the epoxy floor.

Southern Illinois Epoxy

Southern Illinois Epoxy has been installing garage floor epoxy coatings for many years. Our installers are knowledgeable and well-experienced in every aspect of garage floor epoxy coating installation. More importantly they are insured and bond.

We only use industrial-grade epoxy from reliable manufacturers and we have modern tools and equipment. We provide a guarantee for all our work.

We can work on giving your garage concrete floor a layer of epoxy to make it protected from all the elements that could be present in your garage.

Garage floor epoxy coating takes two days to install and about seven days to cure. You will then have a beautiful garage floor that is tough, durable and long lasting.