Pool leaks are a common occurrence, no matter how well you maintain your swimming pool. The good thing is that there are systems for fixing pool leaks now that can result in a much easier process than having to redo your entire pool. Southern Illinois Epoxy can help you inspect and repair your pool so you don’t have anything to worry about moving forward.

Here are some of the pool services we offer:

  • Pool inspection
  • Pool repair
  • Pool deck resurfacing

Pool Inspection

Your pool is still susceptible to leakages even after you just repaired it recently. It is advisable you routinely inspect it just in case cracks and leaks reappear. We offer pool inspection services to help you avert the likelihood of losing your pool should a serious leakage happen.

Pool Repair

Fixing pool leaks is our thing, and we give it quality repairs. By the time we are done, you and your household should enjoy your leisure time to the fullest. Or your swimming pool business will thrive with little interruptions. You should never let pool leaks hold you back and stop your family or clients from enjoying swimming. Whether you have a vinyl or fiberglass pool, our experts repair different types of pools.

Pool Deck Epoxy Coating

Applying epoxy coatings on your pool deck reduces the chances of leakages arising besides improving its aesthetic appeal. Our experts put in lots of effort to ensure your pool remains lovely and functional throughout the year.

Find and Repair a Leak in Your Swimming Pool

What Are The Signs Of A Pool Leak?

Here are some of the common signs you can look out for to tell when your pool is leaking.

  1. A drastic drop in water level.
  2. Stagnant water outside the pool.
  3. Wet areas around the pool even when there is no rain.
  4. Presence of moisture on pipes and the pump.
  5. Algae growth despite treating the water.
  6. Cracks on the pool deck.

The Complete Guide to Pool Leak Detection

Tracing pool leaks can be so challenging if you don’t have the knowledge to identify them. Hiring a pro to inspect your pool can help speed up the process and offer accurate solutions. However, some pool leak detection tasks can be a DIY thing. You can use a pool leak detection dye to pinpoint the place where the leakage is occurring and use DIY guidelines to do the repairs.

This is how it works. You switch off the pump and wait for the water to still. Then gently squirt a drop of the dye at the place you suspect the leakage is happening. If you notice the dye moving and disappearing into a crack, you have spotted the source of the leak. You can repair the pool by sealing the crack using a pool leak sealer suitable for your pool type.

Here are other pool leak detection methods you can use:

  1. Inspecting the ground adjacent to the pool walls

Keenly check the ground around your swimming pool for signs of wetness. Probably there will be grass growing at the place if you can’t see the ground. But the presence of green grass, especially during summer, is a pointer to a leak.

  1. Inspecting the pool equipment

Moisture on the pump, pipes, and the electrical system can be a sign of leakage. But before you conclude so, wipe the equipment with a dry cloth. Check again after about 15 minutes. If you still see moisture on the equipment, then that is the source of the leak.

  1. Identifying signs of tearing

Tears are common in vinyl liner pools. Check for tears in the skimmers, fittings, steps, etc. Skimmers do come off the concrete in a pool, resulting in leakages. So check if the skimmer is intact. If you spot cracks, shoot some dye around them to see if it gets sucked up.

  1. Use of indelible ink

Mark the water level on the wall using indelible ink. Check after 24 hours to see if there is a drop below the mark. An excessive reduction of water signifies leakage in the pool.

  1. Use advanced technology

You may not have the technology pool repair experts use in detecting leakages. Well established contractors use pipe inspection cameras to detect sources of leaks in a pool and fix them quickly. Consider hiring a camera if you don’t seem to get the point where your pool is leaking.

Your Budget Is Our Priority and Your Quality Will Not Be Compromised

Southern Illinois Epoxy has pool repair specialists that can help inspect your pool whenever you experience leaks. We can repair your pool at a pocket-friendly cost without compromising on quality. Nothing pleases us as delivering good quality services to our clients and so, expect exceptional quality in our services. You’ll be glad you reached out to us.