Epoxy Garage Floor Company

Home garage floors are usually exposed to daily harsh conditions making them look dusty, dirty and ugly. Most homeowners simply accept this fact. The wiser ones however decide to hire the services of a Southern Illinois epoxy flooring company or opt for a DIY epoxy floor coating kit. However, be aware of Epoxy Garage Kits. They can be a big problem and lead to bubbling and other issues.

When people hear about epoxy floor coating, the first thing that comes to mind is a beautiful 3 part epoxy flake garage floor in Southern Illinois. We serve Edwardsville, Ofallon and other areas as well.

What is an Epoxy Garage Floor?

Epoxy is a flooring material created as a result of a chemical reaction between a resin and a hardener. When applied to a garage floor, an epoxy coating creates floors that do not get stained from oil, grease or chemical spills.

Epoxy garage floors prevent the appearance of hot tire marks. They are also able to resist, dust, dirt, molds and mildew. Heavy objects and tools that fall on an epoxy garage floor will not cause it to chip or crack. Moreover, epoxy garage floors look beautiful.

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Do-It-Yourself Epoxy Kits

In Marion illinois and other areas, many homeowners are do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Epoxy garage floor installation is one home renovation project many homeowners think of doing on their own.

DYI epoxy kits are readily available in many home depot stores boosting the confidence of many homeowners that epoxy floor coating application is an easy task.

Epoxy Garage Floor Company

Home depot stores that sell DIY epoxy kits sell the idea that epoxy floor application is similar to painting. They will tell you that if you can paint, you can also apply epoxy.

While this may be true to a certain extent, there is so much more to epoxy installation to ensure a long lasting epoxy floor coating. You can only get this assurance when your garage flooring is installed by an epoxy garage floor company.

  • Product Quality

    The quality of the epoxy product is important to ensure a durable, long lasting and beautiful epoxy garage floor.DIY kits are relatively cheap because the epoxy product is water-based. Additionally, the epoxy material only has about 40% solid content resulting to a brittle and super thin material. This is done to allow the easy application of the epoxy product and for more coverage.  An epoxy garage floor company uses a solvent based epoxy floor coating with about 89%-100$ solid content resulting to a stronger and more durable material. This material also seeps deep into the concrete surface for maximum adhesion.

  • Proper Concrete Surface Preparation

    Proper concrete surface preparation will ensure maximum adherence of the epoxy material to the concrete surface. This will ensure that your garage floor will reap all the benefits of an epoxy floor coating. DYI kits come with a mild acid wash which is usually not strong enough to remove oil and grease stains as well as existing sealers. Acid washing requires thorough water rinses running the risk of moisture being

trapped in the pores of concrete. This may cause the epoxy coating to peel or bubble over time. The highly experienced epoxy garage floor company uses the diamond grinding process to get rid of all contaminants in the concrete surface. Diamond grinding also exposes the aggregates and pored of the concrete surface to ensure a strong bond between the epoxy material and concrete surface.

  • Aesthetic Appeal
    The wide range of colors, textures and designs to create a high aesthetic appeal is one of the most important benefits of an epoxy floor coating.DIY kits only include a solid color usually in brown or gray or a solid color epoxy with some vinyl flakes. An epoxy garage floor company offers a wide collection of color hues for you to choose from. You can also opt to use colored flakes, chips or quartz aggregates or even marbled or metallic epoxy.

  • Superior Durability

    This aspect is what really differentiates a DYI epoxy floor coating kit from an epoxy floor coating applied by the pros.DIY epoxy flooring kits will last only for a few years after which the floor will start to crack, peel, and flake or lose its high gloss finish. DIY garage floor coatings are usually applied in less than 5 mils thick. Epoxy coating applied by an epoxy garage floor company will last for many years because of the high-quality products used. Worth mentioning too is the proper concrete surface preparation and epoxy coating application. Epoxy coatings are applied in 15 to 30 mils thick.

  • Cost

    This is a no-brainer and one of the reasons many homeowners opt to install epoxy floor coatings themselves. Buying a DIY epoxy floor coating is a lot cheaper than having the pros at Southern Illinois Epoxy do the application.

  • Long-term Performance

    This is what makes epoxy floor coatings applied by an epoxy garage floor company cheaper in the long term.Using a DIY epoxy floor coating kit requires you to constantly re-coat the garage floor to keep it in top shape.An epoxy floor coating applied by the pros can definitely withstand the test of time without constant re-coating.

Do-It-Yourself Kits or Epoxy Garage Floor Company

Whether you opt to do an epoxy garage floor application or hire an epoxy garage floor company is all up to you. If do not have the budget to spend on an epoxy garage floor coating , using a DIY epoxy floor coating kit is a much better alternative than having an uncoated concrete surface.

On the other hand, if you have the budget, have your epoxy floor coating applied by an epoxy garage floor company. This will ensure that you will reap the long-term benefits of a properly applied epoxy floor coating.