Epoxy Garage Coating

Epoxy garage coating is fast gaining momentum throughout Southern Illinois as more homeowners are realizing the benefits this flooring solution has to offer.

Epoxy garage coating is a tough and durable flooring solution. The liquid epoxy material is applied to an existing concrete surface. Once epoxy cures, it produces a hard plastic-like coating that adheres with the concrete surface.

Say goodbye to ugly, stained and dusty concrete floors! Epoxy garage coating offers unmatched strength and durability. It is also resistant to oil, gas and chemicals spills, moisture, abrasion as well as foot and vehicle traffic. It likewise adds to the aesthetic value of your garage

Although an epoxy floor is almost maintenance-free, suffice it to say that still needs to be cleaned and maintained.

Epoxy Garage Coating

It is a common notion that epoxy garage coating is all about creating a high-gloss and polished look. Truth is epoxy adds to the durability of concrete floor and transforms it into an easy to clean and maintain surface. In short, epoxy is a perfect bend of durability and aesthetics.

Most homeowners in Southern Illinois are familiar with the benefits of an epoxy garage coating. As a matter of fact many of them are now reaping the benefits of this beautiful surface.

Other than aesthetic value, an epoxy garage coating can transform your own dusty, dirty and ugly garage floor into a beautiful, durable and highly resistant work space that can withstand oil and gas stains as well as stains from chemical spills.

Epoxy flooring applied by Southern Illinois Epoxy will surely reap all the benefits of an epoxy garage coating.

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Epoxy Garage Coating Lifespan

The lifespan of an epoxy garage coating is often the concern of many homeowners considering that it involves a somewhat huge investment. The lifespan of epoxy flooring actually depends on some factors including how it is used where it is used and how well it was installed.

As a general rule, epoxy garage coating can last for up to 10 years or more. The biggest factor affecting the lifespan on your epoxy garage coating is how well it was installed.

We at Southern Illinois Epoxy are well-trained and experienced enough to ensure epoxy is properly applied on your garage concrete floor. We also only use high quality products in all our projects.

We adhere to the strict concrete surface preparation process to make sure the epoxy material bonds well with the concrete surface. Additionally we have the right tools and equipment necessary for a reliable and seamless epoxy installation.

High quality products, properly prepared concrete surface and proper installation will endure a longer lifespan for you epoxy garage coating. Additionally, this flooring solution also needs some cleaning and maintenance.

Epoxy Garage Coating Maintenance

As mentioned, epoxy garage coating still needs some maintenance in order to remain in top shape.

Spot Cleaning

Epoxy floors are highly resistant to water, it is easy to clean liquid spills. When something spills on the epoxy floor, sweep or vacuum that area. Vacuum the spilled liquid along with the grime and dirt. Follow through with a mop and a little amount of warm water.

Dust Mopping

Regular cleaning with a dust mop always does the trick of keep epoxy garage coating in top shape. Do this once a week. You can also use a hose and a squeegee to wash the entire floor.

Vigorously scrub the epoxy flooring with a hard foam mop every three months. A string mop will not be able to really clean your epoxy flooring and will tend to leave some streak marks on the floor.

Deeply Soiled Floors

Carefully sweep the entire area. Then vacuum it. When you have cleared the surface of grit, grime, and dirt, remove the dirt that has built-up with warm water and a hard foam mop. Finish the clean-up by mopping the floor with a mixture of clear ammonia and hot water.

Removing Stains

It is easy to remove stains from your epoxy garage coating. Remove rust stains using a soft deck brush or a soft scrubbing sponge and warm water. Never use harsh chemicals or steel wool. Avoid using vinegar and citrus cleaners, too because they can harm the epoxy floor.

Cleaning Car and Chemical Spills

The first thing to remember about oil, grease, antifreeze and other car chemicals is to never allow them to stay on the floor surface for too long. Immediately clean car related and chemical spills as well as household cleaners, paint and any abrasive liquid as the spill occurs with paper or shop towels,

Avoid Soap-Based Cleaners

Soap-based cleaners leave a mist when the epoxy flooring dries up after cleaning. Over time, mist will tend to build up on the floor. In the first place, epoxy floors need not be cleaned with soap. A deck-scrubbing brush or a good mop and some warm water should be enough.

Why Choose Us

It can be difficult to beat the resilience, design options and longevity of epoxy flooring. Southern Illinois Epoxy offers a non-porous and seamless epoxy garage coating installation making your garage floor resistant to abrasion stains, peeling, dents and more.

When the concrete surface is well prepared and the epoxy material properly applied, your garage floor can enjoy all the benefits of an epoxy coating.

Our epoxy garage coating installers in Herrin, Southern Illinois ensures your concrete flooring reaps all the benefits of an epoxy installation.

We start the process with cleaning your concrete surface making it ready for epoxy coating installation. We then proceed with the application of the epoxy garage coating.

Are you ready to give your dull, boring and dirty concrete floor a much needed facelift It is time you give your epoxy garage coating contractor in Effingham a call.