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Epoxy floor coating is a durable and tough material that is able to resist, oil, grease, and most chemicals. This flooring material is also resistant to hard blows, as well as heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

Epoxy floor coatings are getting to be extremely popular in homes and businesses in Mt. Vernon, Southern Illinois.

Epoxy floor coating is widely known to offer aesthetic appeal. This flooring solution can transform dull and boring concrete surfaces into floors with high gloss finishes and striking colors that are easy to clean and maintain.

Decorative epoxy floor coatings are available in various styles and colors, including solid colors, customized colors, quartz, metallic and flake. Epoxy floor coatings offer endless design capabilities.

Proper Surface Preparation To Install Epoxy

There is no denying the importance of proper concrete surface preparation before the installation of the epoxy floor coating.

Properly preparing the concrete surface can be a labor intensive task. It nevertheless needs to be done to prevent blistering, flaking, puckering, and other installation errors to occur.

Proper concrete surface preparation is best done by a professional who is a fully trained and well-experienced epoxy contractor Southern Illinois.

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Epoxy Contracting Installation Company In Southern Illinois

The first thing to remember in epoxy flooring installation is the concrete surface need to be slightly porous and clean. If we are working with newly installed concrete, the surface must have been allowed to cure for at least 28 days.

If we are installing an epoxy floor coating on existing concrete, it is important to repair and patch all major chips and cracks. It is also equally important to remove all oil, grease, dust and any existing sealers.

Other than proper concrete surface preparation, we at Southern Illinois Epoxy make sure of three things:

  • Epoxy floor coating is only installed under a suitable temperature to prevent bubbling and peeling.

  • We use only superior quality epoxy floor coating products and we strictly adhere to the preparation and installation recommendations of the manufacturers.

  • We always do a moisture test on the concrete surface. If moisture is present, the concrete surface is not suitable for epoxy floor coating installation.

The effort and time your epoxy contractor Southern Illinois takes in properly preparing the concrete surface may seem excessive to the inexperienced, however when these are not done, the epoxy floor coating material will not properly bond with the concrete surface.

Best Epoxy Contractor Southern Illinois

An epoxy floor coating is fast gaining popularity in Centralia, Southern Illinois because it is more durable and highly resistant than paint. Because of these reasons many homeowners and businesses are opting for this flooring system.

Southern Illinois Epoxy, the best epoxy contractor in Southern Illinois uses these methods to ensure the concrete surface is properly prepared prior to epoxy floor coating installation.

Diamond Grinding

This method uses a grinding machine with a diamond-impregnated disc. The discs horizontally rotate to get rid of existing coatings and paints. It also polishes, grinds and adds texture to the concrete surface to smoothen and achieve a uniform concrete surface.


This method uses a surface milling machine to remove all contaminants in the concrete surface.

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting cleans and strips the concrete surface in preparation of epoxy floor coating and overlay installation. This method gives the concrete surface a rough texture to enhance its adhesive properties.


This method uses a scabbing machine to remove a thin layer of concrete and in the process removing markings and contaminants on the concrete surface.

Southern Illinois Epoxy has been installing epoxy floor coating in residential, commercial and industrial settings for many years.
Our well-experienced and expert installers are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to ensure proper concrete surface preparation and epoxy floor coating installation. We are proud to say that we are an established epoxy contractor in Southern Illinois.

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