Durable Garage Floor

When you want to spruce up the look of your garage and give it some style, your garage floor is one of the best places you can start. Concrete garage floors are great because they are functional. Durable garage floor has form and function.

A garage needs a floor that can deal with a lot wear but will not tear. A garage needs a flooring system that is durable, resilient and stable. This is so because the garage is one of the most used and tortured spaces of a home.

Bearing in mind the floor demands of a garage, it is just proper to say that you need a durable garage floor and that is an epoxy flooring system. Southern Illinois Epoxy is one of the leading experts in installing durable garage floor.

Residential Garage Flooring

Garages in Southern Illinois are more than just a place to park vehicles. It is the place where unused stuff at the moment is stored such as sporting equipment, Christmas decor and more. It is also often dad’s workshop and mom’s laundry area.

Being primarily a parking space for vehicles the garage is the first to know if your vehicle has any kind of a leak.

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The flooring of your garage should be one that can withstand high foot and vehicle traffic. It should also be able to withstand heavy weights and offset stains as well as deal with excessive temperatures.

Here at Southern Illinois Epoxy, we guarantee that the epoxy flooring system can withstand all of these while at the same time having high aesthetic value!

Epoxy garage floor is the standard for a durable and good looking garage surface in Collinsville. Although floor paint is often what you hear about, paint and epoxy are different products. They have different chemical compositions and epoxy has a more complex preparation and application process.

Epoxy Garage Floor

Gone are the days when O’Fallon homeowners did not mind about the daily beating their garages got. Gone too are the arguments that the garage is a not place a family spends a lot of time at.

Heavy Loads

Epoxy floors can withstand heavy weight with scratching and or denting.

A typical epoxy floor has more than 10,000 psi of flexural strength.

This means epoxy will not bend or deform even when subjected to heavy loads. This is the reason epoxy flooring is ideal for warehouses and manufacturing plants.Heavy Traffic

Epoxy floors can endure high foot or vehicle traffic without visible wear and tear and the need for more upkeep such as constant recoating or waxing.

Heavy Impacts

Dropping heavy objects on an epoxy floor will not cause it to chip or crack. Dragging heavy objects on the floor will not also cause it to scratch.

Today, most homeowners regard their garages as a space that can be more efficient, interesting and welcoming. With these intensions, a durable garage floor just like an epoxy floor is just about the right flooring solution.

Your garage only deserves an epoxy flooring system because it is the most durable flooring system available. It is the flooring system that can deal with most of the harsh conditions in a home garage.

Southern Illinois Epoxy

An epoxy floor coating is a mixture of a resin and a gardener. The mixture is then applied to the concrete surface. The mixture can be applied in multiple layers depending how durable you want it to be. Of course multiple layers of epoxy mean a thicker coat and a more durable floor.

When epoxy is applied to the concrete surface a fast and hard bond is created between the epoxy material and the concrete surface. The bond produces an extremely durable and seamless flooring solution more durable than plain concrete.

At Southern Illinois Epoxy we make sure to apply epoxy the proper way. This is to ensure that you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a durable garage floor.

Epoxy cannot be properly applied on a concrete surface that has not been properly prepared. Without proper concrete surface preparation the epoxy material will not completely bond with the concrete surface.

Our expert installers are well-equipped with the right knowledge, skills, tools and equipment needed to ensure the proper preparation and application of epoxy. With this said, you are assured of a durable garage floor.