Concrete Floor Maintenance Southern Illinois

Concrete has become immensely popular as a flooring option for home and businesses in Southern Illinois. This is largely due its durability and versatility. It is important to have a concrete floor maintenance Southern Illinois plan to extend the lifespan of your concrete floor.

Bare concrete is a rarity nowadays. Many homes and business in Southern Illinois have come to realize that concrete needs to be sealed for protection, more durability and to increase aesthetic appeal.

Concrete floors can be sealed in many ways including the application of epoxy floor coating. One of the more important virtues of epoxy floor coating is the fact that it is easy to clean and maintain. The sealer applied to concrete floors determines the kind maintenance it requires.

Concrete Floor Maintenance

Proper concrete floor maintenance Southern Illinois is important to extend the life of the floor and to maintain its aesthetic appeal.

While concrete floors are generally easy to maintain when compared with other flooring options, fact still remains that they require regular care and maintenance. Concrete comes with many maintenance-related benefits.

When properly sealed concrete is resistant to moisture, stains and abrasion thus easier to clean and maintain. Additionally, concrete floors do not come with grout lines and joints to trap dust and dirt. ?Consequently sealed concrete is easy to clean and maintain.


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Home and business owners in Jackson County have come to realize that there are only a few things to remember when creating a concrete floor general maintenance plan.

  • Clean spills and leaks from the floor as fast as possible. Sealed concrete is not prone to staining but spot cleaning of spills and leaks will do the concrete floor a lot of good.
  • Only use microfiber cleaning pads for damp and dry mopping.
  • Only use cleaning solutions that are recommended by Southern Illinois Epoxy.

  • Avoid using non-harsh cleaning products including vinegar, citrus, bleach ammonia, and pine cleaners because they are non-pH-neutral.

It is also important to follow the maintenance schedule we recommend to ensure your concrete flooring is always in top shape.

Concrete Floor Maintenance Southern Illinois

The type of maintenance methods and schedules depends on the type of flooring system.

Plain Concrete

Patios and sidewalks in residential and commercial spaces are often made of plain concrete. Manual sweeping to keep the surface clean of debris should be done on a regular basis. A leaf blower can also be used. The surface can then we wash with a hose.

At least once a year, do or have a power wash done. This is to get rid of discoloration or soil on the concrete. Power washing together with a cleaning solution and alkaline degreaser will remove grease, oil, rust and any discoloration.

Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is easier to clean than most other types of concrete flooring. Stained concrete does not have grout lines, fibers or crevices where dirt can be trapped. When stained concrete is protected with a sealer it becomes resistant to abrasion and stains.

Stained concrete in homes are generally only exposed to light foot traffic thus requiring minimal maintenance

  • Deep clean with pH-neutral cleaner and water using a damp mop
  • Clean grime and dirt with a damp mop or dry dust mop to prevent abrasion.
  • Protect stained concrete with floor finish, wax or film-forming sealer. Re-apply protective layers every few years or as necessary depending on wear and tear status.

It does not mean though that stained concrete is maintenance free. This flooring type still needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained to keep it in top shape.

Stained concrete in exterior spaces may also need to be re-sealed every year to keep the color radiant and to protect the strain from normal wear.

The same maintenance method should be used even with stained concrete in commercial setting. Protective wax though should be applied more frequently because of high foot traffic.

It is important to remember that stained floors should always be sealed at all times. Doing so will make the stained floor resistant to abrasion, dirt, moisture and stains. Sealers also prolong the life of stained flooring as well as enhance its sheen and color.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is durable as it is attractive. Although it comes with a high-gloss finish, this floor is not as slippery. A sealer with a slight grit can enhance the anti-slip properties of polished concrete. In effect a sealer can increase traction without affecting the aesthetic appeal of the floor.

The polishing process involved in polished concrete involves multiple steps. You can choose the level of sheen you need or require ranging from a subdued satin finish to a glistening high gloss finish.

Maintaining polished concrete only requires spot cleaning of any spills the moment they are visible to prevent any damage on the concrete flooring.

Decorative Concrete

Durability, stain resistance and superior strength and low maintenance requirements are the main reasons decorative concrete in fast becoming a popular option for homeowners.

Homeowners are willing to heavily invest on eye-catching and colorful walkways, driveways, patios, pools decks and more.

With the right maintenance, decorative concrete can last for many long years. Minimal maintenance though is all that decorative needs. This flooring option does not require any resealing or regular cleaning to keep its appeal and extend its lifespan.

Walkways, driveways and patios only need a hose down at least once a month or so to deal with tire black marks and water stains. Pressure washing should also be done at least once a year.

Interior decorative concrete on the other hand should be cleaned with soap and warm water with a soft-bristled brush that will not scratch the floor.

Should you find the need to upgrade any of your indoor or outdoor surfaces, give us a call! We offer a wide range of concrete flooring solutions and service the entire Jackson County, Southern Illinois area with floors that have durable, long lasting and with high visual appeal. We do concrete floor maintenance in in Harrisburg, Murphysboro, Carbondale, Marion and Jackson County, IL all the way to St Louis MO.