Why do I keep seeing so much epoxy flooring near me? We hear that question quite often from our clients. Read on to learn why so many industries and homeowners invest in epoxy for their floors.

Epoxy Floor Basics

What in the world is an epoxy floor? You’ve undoubtedly heard of common floor materials like linoleum and tile, but epoxy might seem unfamiliar. Don’t worry; an epoxy coating isn’t at all difficult to understand.

Epoxy Flake Flooring

 Although we sometimes hear that epoxy is a high-tech version of typical floor paint, the truth is a little more complicated. Epoxy flooring comes from mixing a resin with special hardeners to create a rigid plastic flooring that holds up remarkably well for years into the future.

One of the reasons that people sometimes mistake an epoxy resin with regular floor paint is that it’s similarly applied to the floor. Like floor paint, an epoxy responds best to an adequately prepared dry concrete floor. To create an epoxy floor, you mix resin with hardeners and roll the mixture onto the surface of the concrete. Be aware that epoxy dries quickly, and you must work efficiently.

You must also work carefully throughout the process to achieve the smooth, elegant look that is the hallmark of an epoxy resin floor. Neglecting to thoroughly prep the surface can result in an uneven floor characterized by bumps. Never forget to thoroughly ventilate the area and take the appropriate measures to stay safe when working with solvents.

Although applying an epoxy floor is within the abilities of many handy homeowners and DIYers, you can often achieve better results using a professional epoxy floor contractor. A top-notch flooring expert, such as at Southern Illinois Epoxy, knows what type of epoxy flooring system will work best for your long-term needs and budget.

There are a variety of different types of epoxies available to choose from for your project. The most commonly used epoxy surfaces include

  • Water-based epoxy- This is a popular choice for homeowners and other DIYers because you won’t need to worry about any of the hazardous fumes associated with solvents.
  • Solvent-based epoxy- A significant benefit of using an epoxy that contains a solvent is that it sticks well to the concrete floor. Do not attempt to install a solvent-based epoxy in a room that lacks superior ventilation.
  • Solid epoxy-Working with this type of epoxy requires the skills and experience of a professional contractor. This type of epoxy contains 100% solids as compared to the 40-60% solids found in other kinds of epoxy floors. The result is a super durable and long-lasting floor.
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You can match your floor to the rest of your interior design through special effects such as (1) metallic coating, (2) color choice, and (3) colorful flakes scattered within the epoxy coatings.

Note: Water creates a slipping hazard on an epoxy floor. Consider consulting an epoxy flooring professional if the area is likely to be wet much of the time.

Do you want to see an epoxy floor in action? Read on for some places where you’re likely to find this type of flooring material in use.

Epoxy Flooring Services Near Me

How often do you notice the floors in the places that you visit each day Oh, you might see a floor color or that the business keeps it super clean, but you most likely don’t pay floors much attention. If you do decide to examine the surface that you walk on in the companies that you visit, you’ll be surprised how often epoxy makes an appearance.

Examples of industries that embrace the value of an epoxy resin floor include

  • Auto shops- Body shop owners and mechanics need floors that can withstand the worst type of oil spills and still look great. They invest in epoxy floors for their ease of maintenance and long-term durability.
  • Hospitals- Check out the floors the next time that you visit a newer hospital or medical office. Chances are they will boast a beautiful epoxy surface. Medical professionals prize epoxy for its durability along with how easy it is to keep super clean and sanitary.
  • Warehouses- The ability to transport large, heavy pallets and machinery within a warehouse mandate a heavy-duty floor and epoxy fits the bill.
  • Shopping centers- Epoxy is an ideal surface in places that accommodate a high level of pedestrian traffic each day. Retail establishments also love the ability to connect the floor into the overall design of the interior spaces.

Along with the increasing number of industries that rely on epoxy as their flooring choice, this super hard and sleek surface has connected with many homeowners. Long a favorite choice for garages and basements, this floor surface is now seen throughout homes.

Epoxy Floor Benefits

Once our customers hear about the benefits of an epoxy resin floor, they typically can’t wait to schedule an installation. Of course, all flooring materials offer benefits, but we find that epoxy delivers many perks that other options can’t match. Some of the exciting reasons to choose an epoxy floor coating include

  • Durability- The most durable epoxies deliver up to twenty years of high-level performance. They are also fire and flood-resistant.
  • Appearance- You’ll enjoy the high gloss, glass-like appearance of the finish.
  • Heavy-duty- You don’t need to worry that high traffic and tough use will damage this floor. It readily stands up to even the most massive spills and the movement of substantial items and machinery.
  • Maintenance- It’s relatively simple to maintain the floor. Epoxy is both oil and water-resistant.
  • Application- Since it can adhere to an existing concrete surface, you don’t need to incur the cost of replacing cracked and damaged concrete before application. The complete preparation and implementation is a relatively fast process and painless process if you use a professional contractor.

Along with all of these benefits, consumers also appreciate the cost-effective price of putting in an epoxy floor. According to Costhelper, you will spend anywhere from twelve hundred to six thousand dollars for a professionally installed epoxy floor measuring four to five hundred square feet. Of course, costs differ depending on your location and the scope of your flooring project.

An epoxy floor is an excellent choice when you need a durable and low maintenance surface that won’t bankrupt you in the process. The fact that it is also a stylish option is a bonus.

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Epoxy Floor Maintenance

Part of the appeal of an epoxy floor is how easy it is to maintain. Unlike more fragile flooring options, you won’t struggle to keep an epoxy surface looking brand new for years to come.

In general, a maintenance program for an epoxy surface consists of (1) cleaning up spills with a paper towel, (2) sweeping with a soft-bristle broom or a commercial style dust mop, (3) mopping with hot water and an ammonia-based cleaner. Don’t use soap products as it will dull the surface of the floor.

Medical settings and any place that requires an extremely high level of cleanliness can safely use industry-standard cleaners and disinfectants on the floors. The ability to stand up to constant cleaning is one of the best features of an epoxy floor.

Angie’s list also recommends these terrific tips.

  • Place welcome mats at all entryways
  • Stick a mouse pad underneath motorcycle kickstands
  • Use appropriate coverings, like welding mats, under equipment
  • Use a cleaner like soft-scrub on stubborn stains
  • Avoid acidic cleaners

If you think that an epoxy floor is for you, we recommend that you contact a local epoxy floor professional. Believe it or not, choosing the right contractor can make the difference between a fantastic epoxy floor system and one that needs repair within a short time.

How to Choose an Epoxy Floor Contractor

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to find the “best epoxy flooring near me” once you opt to investigate if epoxy is the best surface for your needs. Here are some sure ways to locate a high-quality contractor in your area.

  • Ask your social network for recommendations
  • Read online reviews of local contractors
  • Check the Better Business Bureau information on local flooring pros
  • Request proof of licensing and insurance
  • Get detailed written bids from at least three companies
  • Demand recent references of customers who’ve had similar work done
  • Contact each recommendation provided and ask specific questions

Don’t be shy about asking a contractor to explain questions about the epoxy process. A top-level professional welcomes your questions and will make sure that you get honest and complete answers to all of your questions. Walk away if a prospective flooring contractor won’t inform you about all parts of your epoxy flooring project.

Lastly, epoxy floors are an integral part of flooring designs in industries and homes throughout the country. Their durability, beauty, and easy maintenance encourage people to make them a part of the rooms where they live and work.

Please contact us at Southern Illinois Epoxy for professional, up-to-date information on all aspects of epoxy and polished concrete options. We’ll help you choose a terrific surface option that meets the needs of your project at a price that fits your budget.