Garage Floor Epoxy Installation

You have tried everything you can to enhance your home?s garage, but it still looks old, dull, and worn. A quality garage floor epoxy?can make your old storage and work areas look like new before too long.

Even after hanging posters from your favorite bands, storage shelves, and a new workbench, it always seems bland and dingy. And while you could give your walls a fresh coat of paint, more homeowners tend to update floors.

Our expert contractors assist more Carbondale, IL, residents with all their epoxy flooring services that keep their garages looking new. Once we finish your installation project, you will feel like you had a completely different garage moved into the home.

From spilled chemical containers to clumsy car mechanics, your new garage floor epoxy installation can defend against them all daily. Contact us at Southern Illinois Epoxy today for your best new garage floors, including the following quality results.

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  • High Solid Finish

  • 100% Solids Epoxy

  • Two-Coat Epoxy Floor

  • Three-Coat Epoxy Flooring

  • Single-Color Epoxy Floor

  • Paint Flakes & Chips

  • Metal Flakes

  • Clear Epoxy

  • Mortar Epoxy

  • Metallic Epoxy

  • Garage Floor Epoxy with Quartz

  • And more garage epoxy flooring types

High Solid Finish

High solids epoxy contains an increased ratio of resin to the primer, allowing it to outperform Do It Yourself products.

100% Solids Epoxy

Superior results come from using the best epoxy possible. 100% solids mean fewer contaminants, leading to stronger, longer-lasting garage floors.

Two-Coat Epoxy Floor

Your two-coat garage epoxy floor system provides you with a primer layer, and then a hardened resin surface on top.

Three-Coat Epoxy Flooring

In addition to our standard two-coat system, you also receive a clear finish coat for superior protection against any hazards.

Single-Color Epoxy Floor

When your garage floors need to favor function over design, you can rely on us. One-color is all you need.

Paint Flakes & Chips

To achieve that dazzling, showroom shine, you need decorative flakes or chips of acrylic paint for fun, playful flooring designs.

Metal Flakes

Metal flakes give your garage floor that mechanic shop feel, or it can act as a more industrial style choice.

Clear Epoxy

Clear epoxy garage floors perform as a protective sealcoat that offers a hardened resin shell without paints, colors, or stains.

Mortar Epoxy

Mortar epoxy garage floors incorporate the same durable adhesive that brick walls rely on for daily protection that doesn?t quit.

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy flooring transforms your garage from a dull, gray storage space to into a car collector?s showroom.

Garage Floor Epoxy with Quartz

Adding quartz to standard epoxy floor applications gives it a bit of grit for enhanced slip resistance for safer surfaces.

Best Epoxy Garage Flooring Installers in Carbondale IL

Garage floor epoxy stays among the most popular upgrades that a homeowner could choose due to its ease of installation. Best of all, it doubles as one of the more cost-effective approaches to giving your spaces longer-lasting daily protection against:

  • ? ? ? ? Chemical Spills
  • ? ? ? ? Etching Acids
  • ? ? ? ? Corrosive Liquids
  • ? ? ? ? Automotive Fluids
  • ? ? ? ? Oils & Greases
  • ? ? ? ? Rust & Stains
  • ? ? ? ? Hot Liquids
  • ? ? ? ? Paint Cans
  • ? ? ? ? Winter Snow
  • ? ? ? ? Rainwater & Liquid
  • ? ? ? ? Hot Tire Marks
  • ? ? ? ? Welding Sparks

Whether you utilize your home?s garage for storage or to tinker on weekend projects, floor epoxy installation keeps rooms maintained. Once the product has fully cured, you can enjoy new floors that resist heat, impact damages, corrosives, and more hazards.

Carbondale IL Garage Floor Epoxy

Our installation team inspects your existing concrete garage floor to know if it can take a new epoxy floor installation, or if it?s deteriorated. When we can begin, we first start by cleaning the surface thoroughly and then finishing it with an acid etch.

From there, we begin pouring the product on, the first layer acting as the primer and the secondary the epoxy. As a two-part resin compound, it will start to harden and cure in place once the chemical reaction binds them.

After a couple of days, the surface will finish hardening enough to allow you to park your car on it. And because it can last for years, you will enjoy straightforward cleaning and maintenance for a long time to come.

Why Hire Contractors for Garage Floor Epoxy installation?

One problem our team has during installation becomes how simple we make it look to create your beautiful epoxy garage floors. While some homeowners decide to attempt it by themselves, you won?t see as great of finished results.

Our experienced installers offer more customizable options for your project, including decorative flakes and a variety of fade-resistant surface colors. You can look forward to new garage floors that not only look great but also offer:

  • ? ? ? ? Improved Safety
  • ? ? ? ? Low Maintenance
  • ? ? ? ? Easy Cleaning
  • ? ? ? ? Enhanced Resale Value
  • ? ? ? ? Enhanced Cold Weather Resistance
  • ? ? ? ? Longer Useful Lifespan
  • ? ? ? ? And more.

Contact Southern Illinois Epoxy for your epoxy garage floor installation.