Polished Concrete

Our community got founded in the late 1700s, and today, you can still find lots of historical landmarks to discover. However, you don?t have to settle for older floors at home with the right Cape Girardeau MO, polished concrete contractors.

Although cement floors have continued gaining popularity throughout the country, many homeowners still haven?t discovered their beauty or their benefits. In addition to creating a striking design that stays fade resistant, you look forward to many reasons for upgrading, including:

  • Straightforward Maintenance
  • Simplified Daily Cleaning
  • Worry-Free Scratch Resistance Surfaces
  • Heavy Foot Traffic Protection
  • Unique Design Choices
  • Customized Color Options
  • And more benefits.


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Polished Concrete Flooring Cape Girardeau MO

And to get the most from your new flooring project, you need the team behind Southern Illinois Epoxy for results. As your trusted name in Cape Girardeau, MO, epoxy contractor solutions, we guarantee better completions at lower costs each time.

No matter the scope of your job or how complicated your design choices remain, we can help you with installations. Choose the polished concrete experts at our team today for your highest level of flooring quality at affordable daily pricing.

Wood floors stay expensive, and many form scratches, gashes, and scuffs sooner than you had anticipated that they would. Without regularly sweeping, mopping, and waxing them, your hardwood surfaces only wear out quickly following their initial installation.

Even tile and grout floors can fail far earlier than the store said they would, leaving you with unexpected costs. And considering how much labor it takes to remove and replace one item, you would rather see new floors instead.

Polished concrete flooring systems remain straightforward to install, and they can last a lifetime with the right mix of care. See the lasting results that our team can provide for you, and choose our contractors for your replacement floors, including:

  • ? ? ? ? Concrete Overlays
  • ? ? ? ? Medium Aggregate Finished
  • ? ? ? ? Large Aggregate Polish
  • ? ? ? ? Color Concrete Stains
  • ? ? ? ? Metal Flake Additives
  • ? ? ? ? Cream Polish
  • ? ? ? ? Salt & Pepper Finish
  • ? ? ? ? Flat Coat
  • ? ? ? ? Satin Finish
  • ? ? ? ? Semi-Gloss Polish
  • ? ? ? ? High Gloss Polish
  • ? ? ? ? And more polished concrete systems.

When carpet, tile, and wood surfaces no longer keep your attention, we guarantee floors you will love for a lifetime. See why more homeowners across the country continue to choose polished concrete for their houses and receive quality contractor results.

Concrete Overlays

Some homeowners can feel hopeless when their existing concrete slab proves damaged, blemished, and worn out beyond safe daily use.?

However, we can install a poured concrete overlay that still receives a polished finished surface for straightforward home upgrade projects.??

Medium Aggregate Finished

When you achieve a medium aggregate finish, it allows the finer stone to shine through the surface?s overarching design scheme. We combine modern interior design with a touch of rustic with your new polished concrete flooring system.

Large Aggregate Polish

Some people prefer to see more of the stone?s natural appearance to take center stage for their flooring system?s designs. Large aggregate polish brings out the character of your concrete for a unique addition to any room.

Color Concrete Stains

Color stains for polished concrete floors come in a wide variety of shades, textures, and weights for fully customized surfaces. Mimic other building materials or see a personalized design come to life with deep, vibrant colorations dyes for your floors.

Metal Flake Additives

Few items make a room feel brighter and more attractive than more surfaces for the light to reflect from sunlight. Metal flake additives bring a touch of industrial flair to your living room, bedroom, kitchens, and more interior living spaces.

Cream Polish

Cream polished concrete enhances the sand particles at the surface, creating a classic light and milky appearance that won?t fade. You can enjoy floors that appear similar to tile without the hassle of grout, as well as add color stains.

Salt & Pepper Finish

Salt and pepper floors allow a small amount of stone aggregate to appear through the topmost surface layer. From a distance, it creates a unified pattern, and up close, it still looks elegant in any room of your home.

Flat Coat

When you already have a sufficient amount of light and brightness from fixtures, you don?t always want reflective flooring surfaces. We can keep your designs more subdued with a flat coat of polish and a higher level of abrasion pad.

Satin Finish

Satin concrete floors achieve a shiny matte coat that helps your new surfaces blend in with the existing room areas. You can enjoy a small amount of reflection for a slight improvement in ambient brightness for your living spaces.

Semi-Gloss Polish

Semi-gloss gets achieved through finer abrasion pads. Once we finish, you can enjoy a rippling water-like appearance throughout the surface.

High Gloss Polish

Your brightest, lightest level of shine demands expert installers. Hire Southern Illinois Epoxy for results.