Garage Floor Epoxy Installation

Even though residential houses have enjoyed the same flooring materials for decades, more homeowners have discovered a unique option today. From enhanced appearances to increased daily resilience, you can enjoy many benefits from Cape Girardeau MO garage floor epoxy installation.

Resin flooring systems have already proven themselves an affordable and straightforward approach to preserving the surfaces of commercial building facilities. However, they look right at home when inside of your garage as they continue to offer lasting benefits, such as:

  • ? ? ? ? Impact Damage Resistant
  • ? ? ? ? Corrosives & Acids Resistant
  • ? ? ? ? Simplified Cleaning
  • ? ? ? ? Easy Maintenance & Upkeep
  • ? ? ? ? Customized Designs
  • ? ? ? ? Cold Weather Defense
  • ? ? ? ? Improved Moisture Resistance

? ? ? ? ? And many more reasons to upgrade.

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When you need an expert team of reliable installation contractors, you can still count on Southern Illinois Epoxy today. As your trusted name in complete garage floor epoxy, and more, we guarantee your highest quality results at lower pricing.

From a transparent sealcoat that preserves your surfaces, to unique customized patterns and colors, we can provide everything you need. Choose the best in local Cape Girardeau MO garage floor epoxy installation now and save on better results each time.

Garage Floor Epoxy Contractors Cape Girardeau MO

For some people, their garage acts as little more than vehicle storage, but for others, it becomes their daily sanctuary. From tinkering away on old engines and projects to practicing their air guitar solos, you spend lots of time there.

And when your garage areas act as interior living spaces, you want to upgrade their floors for added daily comfort. When bare poured concrete makes it challenging to enjoy a round of ping-pong or foosball, you need a better alternative.

Your new garage floor epoxy will not only add tons of beauty and value but protection from heavy daily use. Contact our expert installation team today to experience your gorgeous, long-lasting, and affordable garage floors, including quality epoxy applications for:

  • ? ? ? ? Mortar Epoxy
  • ? ? ? ? Metallic Epoxy
  • ? ? ? ? Clear Epoxy
  • ? ? ? ? Garage Floor Epoxy with Quartz
  • ? ? ? ? Paint Flakes
  • ? ? ? ? Single-Color Surfaces
  • ? ? ? ? Two-Coat Floors
  • ? ? ? ? Three-Coat Epoxy Flooring
  • ? ? ? ? Metallic Flakes
  • ? ? ? ? High Solid Blend
  • ? ? ? ? 100% Solids Epoxy
  • ? ? ? ? And more garage floor epoxy installations.

No matter which patterns, colors, or textures you prefer to see, we always achieve your best results on each project. Upgrade your garage with confidence today, knowing that you have hired the best source for installation services throughout the community.

Mortar Epoxy

Mortar epoxy not only offers a durable new flooring system, but it seals and patches any existing surface cracks, too.

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy floors stay among the most popular as they form breathtaking, three-dimensional like reflective designs that mimic molten metal.

Clear Epoxy

When you prefer your garage appear the same way it always has, we can preserve the area with transparent systems.

Garage Floor Epoxy with Quartz

Rain, snow, and ice can make your garage floors slick, slippery, and hazardous. Get a grip on your surfaces today.

Paint Flakes

A dash of paint or a speckled effect ties your finished results together nicely. Enjoy a splash of acrylic chips.

Single-Color Surfaces

When you need to keep your project neat, we can finish it with only one color used for simplified designs.

Two-Coat Floors

Your two-coat system relies on an initial primer layer so that the resin can achieve a tight, cement-like surface bond.

Three-Coat Epoxy Flooring

In addition to guaranteeing a solid, more durable grip to the primer layer, we finish with a clear epoxy sealcoat.

Metallic Flakes

One of the most straightforward methods of achieving an automotive showroom shine remains metallic flakes added to your new floors.

High Solid Blend

A high solid blend of epoxy outperforms inferior store-bought products, while still keeping your costs lower with professional-grade resin systems.

100% Solids Epoxy

When you leave nothing behind but pure epoxy, your floors provide superior strength and durability for your daily performance needs.

How Does Epoxy Create Floors in My Garage?

Preparing your garage the correct way proves paramount, as epoxy won?t bind to a dirty or damaged surface, failing quickly. By addressing any significant issues as we find them and leave the floor acid-etched, we can guarantee a glass-like finish.

The resin and the hardening agent used in creating your floors pour on as a liquid, confusing many curious homeowners. How does a viscous epoxy create anything that offers a similar sense of durability as wood, tile, or even carpets?

The hardener used during your installation process triggers a chemical reaction, which immediately makes the resin begin the curing stage. Although we must work fast at this point, we still generally have several hours before we can?t continue using it.

In the end, the floors form once the self-leveling product builds enough layers upon itself. For the best results possible for your job, choose us at Southern Illinois Epoxy.