Our guide to the best restaurant kitchen flooring isn’t complicated. We believe that there is one true winner when it comes to low maintenance, easy to clean, and non-slip commercial kitchen flooring

We have a very stringent testing procedure when it comes to industrial and commercial flooring. We want the workers to be as safe as possible. This is vitally important when it comes to the restaurant industry. There are many different flooring materials that are cost effective and easy to clean. When it comes to grease oil and chemicals, you need a flooring system that exhibits chemical resistance. 

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Best Restaurant Kitchen Floor Plan

There are many destructive chemicals and elements such as boiling water, heavy foot traffic, and harsh cleaning chemicals, that will make their way onto most commercial kitchen floors.

Health inspectors are going to be checking these floors. As such, you can expect your flooring to be heavily scrutinized for cleanliness and safety. First, here are some considerations that go into commercial kitchen floors: 

Temperatures and Kitchen Flooring

For a complete flooring system, temperature must always be taken into account. The temperature of a walk-in freezer and the base of the oven wildly vary. The flooring system needs to be able to expand and contract while being able to adhere to the concrete underneath. 

Moisture and Chemical resistance 

Since kitchens are very hot and steamy, you can expect condensation to form in certain areas. The majority of commercial kitchens also thoroughly clean the entire floor every night. Because of this, your flooring system must be able to withstand moisture to prevent water damage occurring to the underlying foundation. 


Commercial kitchen floors need to be strong. A lot of abuse can occur from dropped equipment and pans, and harsh chemicals and hot spills. Your floors need to be strong enough to hold up to all of this abuse without cracking, buckling, or peeling. A high performance finish is necessary for commercial kitchens. 

Slip Resistant Safety 

Your floor must have anti slip properties. Some floors are more slippery than others. Kitchens are a safety hazard for a number of reasons, one of them being how slippery they are. Spilled oil and water are a common sight, so make sure to have a flooring material that exhibits anti slip characteristics. 

Hygiene and Commercial Kitchen Floors

Your flooring system needs to be seamless. The seams, grout, and joints between tiles or sections of flooring will quickly breed moisture, mold, and bacteria. You also need a flooring system that is easy to clean and low maintenance. 

best restaurant kitchen flooring

Restaurant Kitchen Flooring Epoxy

Time and time again, we weigh epoxy flooring against other flooring materials like vinyl flooring, natural stone, rubber mats, and stone tile. You need a floor that your staff will appreciate day after day. 

Epoxy flooring is easy to clean and safe for hard-hitting environments like the commercial kitchen. Our flooring system adheres to high standards, and epoxy flooring meets all local and state health codes and regulations. 

Benefits of Epoxy Floor Systems 

Easy to Clean 

Epoxy for commercial kitchen floors is incredibly easy to clean. Our non-porous and simple surface cuts down on scrubbing time. Are you tired of scrub, scrub, scrubbing? 

Then we’re going to cut down on that scrub, scrub, scrubbing. No more multiple scrubbing sessions. We can guarantee that you’ll need just one scrub a night. We can severely cut down on your scrubbing scrub time with our beautiful, easy-to-scrub epoxy flooring. In fact, you may just need a squeegee. Epoxy flooring prevents grime, oil, and food waste from accumulating and sticking to surfaces. Epoxy flooring ensures that your floor stays safe, happy, and healthy through these trying times. 


Epoxy flooring is an inherently seamless flooring solution. An epoxy floor coating can be installed seamlessly around walls, corners, cracks, crevices, vents, and drains to prevent any unsanitary crevices for food particles to hide. Epoxy flooring can be mixed with antimicrobial additives that are EPA-registered to prevent the growth of microorganisms. A topcoat of anti-microbial protection is not enough, as this can be damaged easily by harsh detergents and very hot oil (two substances that are incredibly common in kitchens). 

We integrate our antimicrobial protection inside the mixture itself, so make sure that the epoxy company you hire to complete your commercial kitchen does the same. This additive will prevent mold, staining, foul odors, and fungus from forming for years on end. 

Kitchen Epoxy Floor

Slip Resistant 

Epoxy flooring can be textured with epoxy flakes or marble chips. This final finish will be non-abrasive, yet also be coarse, ribbed, and pebbled, for a truly unique anti-slip experience. This texture will provide a whole host of anti-slip properties. Due to spills and unforeseen circumstances, we still recommend your entire staff to wear anti-slip shoes. 

Keep your workers safe and on their feet. Our textured finishes, in addition to proper and regular cleaning, can help maintain slip resistance even on the greasiest of kitchen floor messes. 

Epoxy Flooring Durability

Your entire floor will be transformed by the impressive nature of epoxy. This is not your regular quartz broadcast floor or epoxy floor paint. Our resinous flooring system will seep into the underlying wood or concrete slab substrate during the curing process, which will make quick work of any flooring fears you might have. 

Our durability extends far beyond dropped tools and heavy equipment. Acids, blood, sugar, salt, harsh detergents, de-greasers, oil, animal fats, and grease are simply no match for our incredibly strong and durable epoxy flooring. All of these substances are easy to clean off of an epoxy floor. 

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Restaurant Kitchen Flooring Aesthetics 

Look, we’ve already covered how and why epoxy flooring is the best solution for kitchen flooring. Guess what the cherry on top is? 

Epoxy flooring looks damn good. It can also complement any flooring style or kitchen decor imaginable. There are dozens of colors and finishes to choose from, and many clients have even chosen to opt for a custom epoxy design. This means that your branding or logo can go on the floor of the establishment! Since this is an entire epoxy flooring system and not just a topcoat, your floors will never fade, no matter how many spills or how much cleaning or foot traffic it goes through. 

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